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Canon HV10 Test

Canon HV10

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
November 2006

Canon HV10 of rudi - 24 Nov 2006 16:36:00
> With a vertical camcorder tries the first time in the Canon HDV-chip segment. Though of course some manual functions on the line must remain, the HV-10 so some of surprise.
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Antwort von didldu:

what's with the last paragraph mean? 'And we are pretty sure that Canon is aware of is ...'
why would canon camcorder to build (almost) None wants to buy?

Antwort von Jan:

Den gibts ja with the XH A1.

We can not take expect that for 1000-1500 is ¬ such a camera is. The XH A 1 suggests itself in the light slumber Lowlight number 1 Group SonyFX 1 / 7, the manual controls are so many ambitious filmmakers problems - so a manual menu knew previously only professionals, XLR is synonymous s.Bord. These are simply the good value of ¬ 3000 (FX 7 - XH A 1) you must pay for the performance.

I see that now in the eyes of my ordinary customers who do not want external microphone port, manual / r Shutter & Aperture is already too small it should be compact, a very good automatic image they should have, Tripod, - then comes the question - Jan goes not without somehow synonymous? Edit? No, I am complicated vielzu on DVD, the movie already ... Canon is to halt the mass films.

Such as we - the happy times the automatic or leave a lot of accessories to connect are not many.

For the HV 10 or SonySR 1 as created by good-quality high-resolution images to get automatic, and so around the 1000 ¬. And please do not come back with the high price, let's go back 10-15 years since 2000 DM were completely normal for a Hi 8 / S-VHS-C Beginner - 3000 DM were often synonymous.

Not always the lament Everything is bad - positive in the future!


Antwort von prem:

perhaps so that Canon as another camcorder with the features described will be referred to slide?
I think it would be desirable, because I am with the form factor of my MVX3i am more than satisfied.

Antwort von Nightfly!:

So for me would be the drive noise a KO point.
While Canon camcorder dubbing with forced builds, I'd rather stay at other camcorders from other companies that are not silent era special multimedia support.

Antwort von Jan:

This is relatively synonymous. Everywhere one hears the Canon Quelereien with their own noises. A few days ago a customer came to me already synonymous of the entire 8 mm Shooting has joined - a retired halt.

I asked very carefully "Well Mr. * very happy with their Canon MV 900? He said yes, he had absolutely no problems with massive drive noises, at least not when in a kitchen - where the dead silence herscht - will be filmed. He was satisfied with his Canon MV 900, synonymous in terms of sound.

And Nachvertonen - the mass will simply no external Mirkro to connect the sound to improve - the way it is. Just as the mass never had a lamp on the camcorder will ...


Antwort von Skydiver:

I was pretty flat when I am after a year again after umgeguckt have camcorders and rausfand that Sonywith the PC 1000 the last of its vertical formats built. I'm damn glad that Canon still build something, if it is not synonymous as stable as the magnesium-Alloygehäuse the series seems SonyPC.

When a camera is like the skydiving space helmet screws s.den wants, are the bulky, wide and long "Lenorflaschen" really disabling. After your review, I will probably HV 10 to obtain; Hab ne Canon 20 D DSLR, and the DIGIC II, CMOS sensors are s.Bildqualität in the sector so far unsurpassed. Do I have only my intent 0.3er wide with the thing try ...

Funny, as good as any jumper with the video I know (and that's many) has a SonyPC Cam (myself included) ... When the cameras in a few years ausgelutscht are (jumping is not exactly the material) are the people on Sony cursing, the form factor and the solid housing to have ...

Thanks in any event for a good test!

Antwort von forthy:

I have a Canon MVX10i (ie the form factor itself, but stop about 4 years older), and synonymous in the tests were always complaints about the handling of such small vertical Camcorders read. I myself have the device with no problem, but must say that I am not a "Mistduschen" (as we say in Bavaria), but for a man had rather dainty hands. Women and with the current mobile generation familiar young people should no problems with such a device, gross motor anyway prefer to take a serious shoulder device.

My tip for shooting without a tripod: Camcorders with a key band around the neck (such tapes more often than you get free gift), and then the lower part both as a pistol grip handle, so that the lanyard is pulled tight - right forefinger s. the zoom rocker, thumbs on the "deduction", not to the arms chest shore (repeals and lowers breathing). To succeed synonymous with maximum recording optical zoom still quite usable, the triangle neck / shoulder keeps the camera stable.

And another important piece of information for me, the article unfortunately does not provide (but the Internet): There is with the BP-315 Battery synonymous with a dual capacity, which is worthwhile in any case.

Antwort von Jan:

In daylight, the HV 10 excelling in the price category, I'm very satisfied synonymous with the very fast AF - probably thanks to the new dual system.

But unfortunately I have to note that the HV 10 for poor room lighting (night light and snooze general) is really up to DV level partially below a DV-Pal Sonybefindet. The performance is better sharpness then by the excessive noise destroyed.

I could only synonymous not think so - a few had already been on the HV 10 read (some Mags gave mixed Lowlight votes) to a customer's video in my hand and we pushed s.mehreren HDTV LCD TVs (Full synonymous HD) did the test with a good DV Consumer SonyPC 120th The picture was in the area Sonyin much better though they are only 720x576 pixels on the basis of works.

Once I did a live recording (the light of an electronics market) made the PC 120 had no chance of the HV 10 is far surpassing the Sony Picture, sharpness was impressive.

In light slumber, I would the purchase of a HV 10 superior, or use a lamp (eg Hama on rail), in good light is a Recommendation.

Yes the Battery is quite good, with Sony NP FP 90 (HC 3) / QM 91 (SR 1) is not with the things in life.


Antwort von forthy:

An important question that has just compact Point & Shoot camcorder concerns, answered the article unfortunately does not (and the datasheet of Canon not synonymous): Delay. Although I have read elsewhere that the HV-10 pleasantly fast turns, but never seen a time. Would be very useful, because the typical use of such non-professional camcorder is rather similar to a camera (on, aim, short clip turn off and back into the pocket - the electronic lens cover is ideal for this use).

Antwort von Jan:

Some digicams have 1-2 seconds delay.

The HV 10 needs so ca 4-6 seconds before the recording, so
I found the fast is not. Already about 4 seconds from switching on until the live image.

Hab compatriots but not if there is a rapid activation of the menu there ...


Antwort von Kurt H:

How do I get in the 25 FPS mode? In the TV mode 1 / 25 represent?

What if I am on 1 / 12 point? Will I be synonymous full?

Antwort von Jan:

The 25 P mode has only the 20th AGM It could be on TV but the shutter at 1 / 25 sec set, and with a little color, sharpness, brightness and contrast in HV 10 Menu play an effect to obtain.

Much promise, I would not like this. As the CCD or CMOS, as in the case of the images reads, can not exactly say, as each image converter works differently. For 1 / 12 sec, however, is of interlaced assumed. For 1 / 25 depending on the model. The 1 / 12 is synonymous so sometimes not - Megageruckel - that has nothing to do with movies ...


Antwort von Don-CB:

I assume that this threat synonymous for comments and experience with the Camera is for, there you go ...

I film for nearly 9 years with a SonyPC100 DV Camera and am now on the HV10 changed. For months I would go to all of these pages viewed - synonymous sample recordings made in the business. This was for me the weight, size and the camera to HDV tape recording.

The camera weighs 500 grams with good Battery ('ve weighed them), what remains is just bearable. Excellent is the size - it fits with Wide Angle aufgeschraubten Just in case Sony LCM-HCD, a hard / soft Kamerabox one prima s.Gürtel can lead to expensive freight and optimally protected from shocks.

The battery life is, in my experience about 50-60 minutes per battery. The problem is easy with a secondary battery which is small and weighs almost nothing to solve.

About the image quality has been much written - I'm thrilled - for the amateur filmmaker like me absolutely enough, here is the size. However, HDV is much harder to DV as I need to learn, for example, no longer wild pans, steady hand (better tripod) so practice, practice, practice ... the result is stunning.

As mentioned above goes without Wide Angle Addition objectively nothing: Unfortunately, camera manufacturers put all the wrong priorities - important is a wide-angle, zoom is uninteresting, just blurred it anyway without heavy tripod. Since this problem synonymous my old camera subject, I had 3 different Wide Angle Lens for my Sony DV to synonymous had a 37mm connection.

Hama 0.5 This is my smallest and confident with sharpness and low distortion synonymous in the peripheral on the Canon. In my view, an absolute must - also weighs less than 100 grams and fits well into the main pocket of me, I take it practically never expire.

In many cases, the ergonomics of the Canon as being Hochkantcamcorder Olten: perhaps it is s.der habituation (my old computer is synonymous upright. Or s.meinen standard hands?), But I came from the first moment in order to cope fine, the camera is easy to the hand and all buttons are easy to operate and blind. I use almost exclusively the viewfinders, the LCD display is only in Außnahmesituationen (eg overhead film) is used.

The Viewfinder is bright, and easy - no criticism should be. The quality appearance of the product seems to fit the price - is really neat.

For sound, I can not say - except he was on the recordings with it - the quality was ok for me. But anyway, I cut almost 99% gone, the remainder will always nachgearbeitet. Can I therefore have nothing to say. At least I will never miss the Microphonanschluß. Also no HDMI, since I use the movies in the PC games, and they come out as a film on DVD / BlueRay or what always synonymous. The camera will then only have to archive the results needed, but never to play.

I'm using at the moment M-JVC ProHD DV tapes, which is a good impression on the first shots have left (no drop-outs), also are still quite pricey - you will see the next lot is ordered.

The only criticism I have is the slow turning on the camcorder, it 9 s incredible pass until you can finally get started - a "quick switch" I have not found. I know a lot of camcorders are even slower, but my old Sonywar after 5 s ready to go - and that I had been slow before. I'll take this last problem with another Battery solve and must accustom myself to the camera turned on, to bear.

But I am totally satisfied with my purchase - I hope there are still a few copies for vertical enthusiasts :-)

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