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Canon HV20, Panasonic HDC-SD1EG-S oder NV-GS500 oder... ?

Canon HV20, Panasonic HDC-SD1EG-S or NV-GS500 or ... ?

Frage von DDP:
April 2007


For some time I s.Sparen for me to fulfill my dream: Drehbücher own production (Thriller, Action) to filming.

After seeing me so well it went into the subject had read, I looked at the criteria defined below:

Optical Image Stabilization
"blue screen-capable"
extra input for external Micro
- I will take much in the dark (scenes in bunkers, etc.)

I must admit that I s.liebsten of the price because the NV-GS500 should have taken (the camera will probably end of August / September to buy).
Other hand, suppose that I would make a cinema owners to bring a finished film broadcast: Is it at least. with the HDV cameras possible, the film "cinematic" list?

Greetings and thanks for the patient answers in advance;)

Antwort von Glottis:

the word "darkness" is in my Amateur / Semi area synonymous always dark:). Really Good Low-Light (see comparison of camcorders Slashcam) is unfortunately very expensive, and without lighting anyway pointless.

I thought just about to buy the GS500, but now on the HV20 umgeschwenkt, as they combined with manual functions offers HDV 1080i. Did you enjoy it more later.
Film quality is yet another completely different topic, if this should go to 35mm. A camera in the SD Amateur / Semi area probably makes little sense. The "small" Canon XH A1 is a good example ...
Since your budget is probably the direction GS500 or HV20 goes, I would advise you to be the latter. Whether the promises of 25p and good audio control ect. really worth to be seen.
The test was at least promising: www.camcorderinfo.com/content/ Canon HV20 camcorder-Review.htm

Antwort von Glottis:

The HV20 is s.besten for bluescreen suitable, since it has an HDMI output, with the intensity of a black magic card very high quality HD video directly to PC / MAC to be included without the HDV compression. The HV20 is synonymous in the 25p mode of improvement have light sensitivity.

Antwort von Axel:

"DDP" wrote:
Other hand, suppose that I would make a cinema owners to bring a finished film broadcast: Is it at least. with the HDV cameras possible, the film "cinematic" list?

We have sent us pictures of the SonyFX-1 and Z1 has a large DLP projector (no beamer) to 18 meters Width projected. The sharpness is perfect. The AGM had 20 cameras compared to the above two advantages:
1. The 25p, ie the progressive representation, with which these plants are working anyway.
2. The higher resolution, an additional s.Schärfe pros.

The fact that the HV 20 Only has a chip (CMOS), for example in comparison to the above XH-A1, it is likely that especially in poorer color in Lowlightbereich felt. For details, you can only say that if the camera is ready for testing (allegedly in the course of the week).

Of course it's a little toy with a small optics, but if your budget is limited, is certainly an acceptable compromise. This joy is not tarnished, I recommend the purchase of light, an external micro-directional (eg Sennheiser MKE 300) and the self-an> FigRig (search), first, so that a handful of technology is ever preserved, second, so you click the stupid image stabilizer can renounce.

Antwort von hv20user:

I had until recently the predecessor to the NV-GS500. A great camera with a gray liable Image Stabilization.
If you make a swing, until the camera is trying to cut it to keep up with a jerk follow.
For this reason do I switch to the HV20.

Antwort von kameramaennchen:

I have the GS500 and can only say: spitze !!!!!! When did you Cam Manuele settings (Focus Ring !!!!!!!) combined with its great image quality.
I think what many people consider is the garnicht Funfaktor a Camera. If you are shooting as a hobby that did not only will you get great pictures but not synonymous with the camera it's fun to shoot and since the GS500 is the best at what you get ¬ 1000. Starting with the focus ring and the fold-out-and Viewfinder (what the HV20 does not have).
What the matter with the movies is concerned. If I turn NEN movie I always shoot in 25p and the NEN is already different to 24i. The movements are holding more kinolike from.
Image Stabilization for I do not know what you think predecessor (GS400?) but I find the super of the 500, but if you are honest Sielfilm go in the direction you will not always get round a tripod.

Antwort von HV20user:

I had the 400th As I said, the bar was the only shortcoming.
If I make a movie, then I would like synonymous shots can make great art without the need to deploy. This is very important stabilizer. Even in Hollywood productions are already cameras in hand. Spielberg was, I believe, the first person is done (Schindler's List)
But I want the Panasonic is not bad talk. This is a super camera, and if the stability of the 500 is better, I can understand your enthusiasm.

Antwort von Axel:

"HV20user" wrote:
If I make a movie, then I would like synonymous shots can make great art without the need to deploy.

Already clear. It must indeed be no Steadicam. Already a two-folded Photo-held tripod stabilized better than any optical stabilizer. A very simple, easily constructed holding device, such as here
Nope, definitely not. Hand-held camera has been discovered much earlier, and today, very few shots made tripod. An Image Stabilization is staged for film (and that's the point here: The movie was called as a role model!) A similar Lachpille as the demand for good Lowlighteigenschaften. Who is not controlled with light malt and perfectly by the camera draws instability will always be amateurish Matscher produce. Camera that intervene in cases of the most important influence in the craft scamp, is a typical consumer mistake.

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