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Canon HV20 oder Panasonic NV GS-500

Canon HV20 or Panasonic NV GS-500

Frage von fussel:
April 2007

Hi folks,

I have before me the beginning of next month a camcorder to buy. Apart from the fact that I 1x during the TV trailer for an open-air festival can be synonymous with this acquisition paves the way for some short film projects to be paved. Therefore I am looking for a camcorder, my ambitious amateur filmmakers activities and meet the long term synonymous a good investment, since I do not every six months to buy a new can. The following points should be the camcorder in any case supported:

+ Manual Tonaussteuerung
+ Accessory shoe for Mic.
+ Thread for Wide Anglebzw. Filters
+ Headphones port
+ Good Image Stabilization (films at the festival a lot of hand)
(+ Tripod thread - each camcorder, right?)

Actually, I was absolutely sure until now that I look at the Panasonic NV GS-500 to buy. Except for the lack of headphone jack, which you, as I have read in the forum, but can tinker with yourself, the camcorder has everything I need - at a fair price.

But now I'm on the home page randomly on the Canon HV20 and pushed me think that this is not synonymous is much more expensive and just an HDV device.

Furthermore, I wonder whether the conversion of tape to memory card rather a curse or a blessing is? The idea of no bulky tapes to possess reitzt me - on the other I think that the record on tape but perhaps later in the editing program is more precise, what the exact frame cutting is concerned, is not it?

So, if anyone has good advice or a reason why I buy equipment XY / should not buy, I would be very grateful! :)
You can synonymous other devices (eg, what's with the 6 new devices from Sony News from 26.04.2007) is called, but then ask with reason - many thanks!

Antwort von znieh:


the question is which system you prefer. If you know that your computer over the long term quality is sufficient, you can take the Pana, which is certainly the most well-DV system ausreizt.

However, the difference in quality DV to HDV already enormous, if you have an HDTV Television owns. I have the HV10 and the picture quality is inspiring (convincing to me, incidentally synonymous indoors with less lighting). Filme now I only have to cut if necessary and HDV to DV (until all the editing programs and converted my calculator is something leisitungsfähiger).

Sooner or later you will switch to 16:9 in HDTV and want to film.

The HV20 is in relation to its manual operation for many ambitions suitable. Lowlightvorteile Pana has certainly not, as its three CCDs are very small.

Stability: I would prefer OIS principle.
Sony: The love of the devices is and falls with the touchscreens.

Heinz znieh =

Antwort von snoffi:

Thanks for the answer! :)

Okay my love to keep the touch screen is very limited!

The thing is: I own no HD ready television and did not currently synonymous to me to buy one. Synonymous Is there a noticeable difference in the quality between DV - HDV, if you look at the videos on your PC or committed to a "normal" television? Rather not, right?

Good 16:9 can MiniDV camcorder so synonymous longer (at least the Canon XM1 with whom I occasionally have filmed) ... but you're right, I would probably annoy me if I now a MiniDV camcorder would buy and then in one year really HD ready devices have prevailed.

One question I have: How is it oscillating behavior in the HV20? Because I'm not always a Tripod wants and can (when snowboarding or in the audience at a festival) would be really ugly streaks!

Antwort von snoffi:

Soderle '- because I have always been read months ago, I now synonymous times created an account - am the one who opened up the thread.

Many greetings

Antwort von Grinny:

Huch. But now. T'schuldigung of Spam - not again.

Antwort von znieh:

On normal TV not. If the breaks but it was that there is no more good tubes.

On the PC you can see the difference because of the higher screen resolution.

When panning the cam, I have nothing negative (HV10).

Heinz znieh =

Antwort von Grinny:

So I now I will definitely buy the Canon HV20, together with a Tripod Velbon DV 7000, a UV-, gray-and Polfilterset, super wide-angle attachment (zoomable) and a Tamrac Adventure Backpack. With Spare Battery and Cleaning set brings me to EUR 1200 and find that this really is a great price:) I will certainly report back once everything is there - may be still up to 2 weeks.

Is there actually a feature in Canon, s.dem we recognize that the product is not an imported product? For Panasonic, the Cams yes with an "EC-S" or "EC" on the back when they both German menu, as synonymous with Panasonic Warranty Germany.

My dealer assured me that although the product of Canon Germany is distributed, but you never know ...

Antwort von noch ´n Gast:

small tip along:
Before the expensive stuff in a Rucksach verstaust, google times after outdoor cases of B & W, which offer their things on eBay a bit cheaper s.als on their homepage. In any case, if I really had the suitcases almost cheaper than an ordinary backpack, so has its disadvantages.
I've got me there the 40 suitcase bought the space and actually a much better protection than a backpack offers.
And - if it should play a role - it looks somehow synonymous from a professional!

Antwort von Yann:

@ Grinny, can you explain me how you come to 1200 euros.
I wanted to buy similar Equiment.
HV20 920 Euro
Velbon DV7000 90 Euro
Wide (WD-H46) 150 euro
Filterset (FS-43U) 80 Euro

Come to nearly 1250, while it still expected to be sold and you still have the bag with the now not so expensive.

Then I personally still s.ein external Micro, the Sennehiser MKE-300 (113 euros) and the Canon Case SC-2000 (50Euro)

Then I come to around 1400 euros + shipping.

Mfg Yann

Antwort von Kujo:


929.00 EUR EPShop

# # #

Raynox HD-5050 Pro, HD-5050Pro 0.5 Wide AngleSuuper Q

79,99 EUR at Ebay

# # #

Velbon Video DV 7000 Tripod

95.89 EUR Still Image Erhard

# # #

TAMRAC Adventure 7 camo 5547

~ 58.00 EUR at weißichnochnicht100%-ig -

# # #

Tapes: Panasonic AY-DVM63PQ
3.63 / piece at http://dvtape.de/

Spare battery somewhere on Ebay for $ 20
= 40 EUR + cassette tapes (für's Erste)

# # #

$ 15 cleaning accessories at Ebay

# # #

35-40 EUR Filters - Hoya 3er Set at Ebay


You seem to give more to filter out Converter + WW! Is not necessarily synonymous wrong, but my situation is just simply not - and I think with the Raynox 5050 Pro I have a WW Lens with a good price / performance ratio. Filterset I will to test the 3er Set of Hoya buy ... for 36 EUR at Ebay.

Incidentally, had just bought the Cam:)

Antwort von Grinny:

The top post is of me.

Oh yes: The Cam has EPNetshop no shipping costs.

Antwort von Yann:

hab mir synonymous of the WW bought the Raynox HD-6600. Filters are the source of the Canon, 70 tasted.
Ehm cassette as I would go the HDV Sonygekauft of the costs 11 euros a piece (x2).


edit: just what makes me so umgehaun has ... I've purchased SEM at Cam ... paid since 919. In Saturn in MM and ask that indeed Euro 1299 ... the damage did NEN ... who still buys tuht am sorry

Antwort von Kujo:

how are you with the WW (or bought the Raynox HD-6600) satisfied?

Antwort von Yann:

I have the front about 2 hours ordered :)... and the Cam since yesterday ordered ... werd over everything reported here as soon as everything is there.


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