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Frage von Hoby:

I am new to this forum and need help with the same once the HV40.
I bought this nice unit from about 1 month now and have the following problem. If I have a Mini DV cassette into the drive contest and close the cover, after a short band processing on the LCD message "REMOVE THE CASSETTE" and a red cross.
The camera will take the tapes not easy. If I'm lucky, accepts the camera out after 5-10 time and fooled the tape.
I tried different tapes. Once again Sony and Panasonic.
On the tape can not lie, because my Panasonic NV-GS 320 takes this easily.

What can I do? Do you know this problem. What would make canon?
If you get a defect (and, following a month), usually a new one or do you hinmehmen after a month of repairs executed. I mean, I have bad experiences with Reaparaturen HI and made 8 drives. This was "fixed" and after a short time wars broken again!
I threw up a little s.das whole.

Thank you Regards


Antwort von lutz121064:

Hi Hoby,

I have also eineCanonHV40. However, I have no problems as you drive by. I am an ambitious filmmakers and the HV40 have used many times. I filmed with Panasonic miniDV tapes of and miniHDV / DV tapes with the tapes of Sonyand have no problems with the recording (dubbing) still playing while capturing. MeineCanonHV40 works fine. I would say with your drive is something wrong. You should be repaired urgently your HV40.


Antwort von Filmo:

The charging process is the right insert cassette, to the marked spot (Push) s.Metallrahmen press until it snaps, tape fed through the eye, close the lid .... User Guide Page 19, if I am not mistaken .... common operator errors? After insert the cassette is closed, the outer cover ...

You have a new camera, you have warranty, go to your dealer and they put on the Ladentisch.Er will give you a loaner during the repair if it is a good deal, he exchanged for new.
Have you bought the cam in the Internet, then turn out s.den shop which will tell you: Please copy of the invoice with senden.WasCanonmacht s.Canon we do not know the HV 40 is safely evaluated first, error detection, etc, will last of course.

There are generally few problems with the drives in the HV models, unless they already have a corresponding number of hours of running time on the Buckel.Möglichst always the same tape type, Panasonic preference for Canon, Sony tapes can be heard, make more problems (drop outs), Now, however, has to do with the non-acceptance to the tape nothing.


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