Infoseite // Canon Lens problems (Canon 550D) Please help!

Frage von filmfreakschoice:


So I recently filmed with demCanon18-55mm (which was in the set with derCanon550D there) and suddenly a lot to me that the lens makes a clicking noise when I ran in or out while recording.

the diaphragm does not change, habs with completely closed and all attempts opener, AF I've disabled but nothing changes

see picture yourself when you see a quick change is the sound (short dark)

I'm pretty desperate because the first was not so and because the zoom and it messed up every change in the video image is visible

Any ideas? with the white balance can do or something?

Thanks in advance!


Antwort von Jake the rake:


Leave yourself the Aperture (NUMBER) times show (possibly Info button press) that changes in fact very well when you zoom!
Why you had to know if you know what does this number ...



Antwort von B.DeKid:

Normal behavior

So what actually works only with compatible lenses that have hyperfocal then possible even for a fixed glare value.

That this was not so before is simply not right!

The sample was in the DSLR forum already spoken for hours through.

B. DeKid


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