Infoseite // Canon MV800 through the USB interface?

Frage von woborobo:


I have the Canon MV800 since a long time again ausgekramt and unfortunately had to find that my new laptop has no Firewire interface. The old laptop is sold, so I have a cable of Firewire (4-pole) to USB bought, but now find no drivers for the camera. This is only as "unknown device" recognized.

Can maybe someone help? Or can I use the cable come in a ton? Firewire alternatives are available for laptops - like mine, neither the PCMCIA or ExpressCard has - unfortunately little .. : (

I'm grateful for any contribution!


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"woborobo" wrote: ... I have a cable of Firewire (4-pole) to USB purchased ...
The only cable of this kind, which could possibly work, dates and costs of Pixela so s.die 100 euros - or even seen it tested, however, probably no one here in the forum. All other cables, often for only a few euros on ebay as "Firewire to USB cable", are eyewash and do not work.


Antwort von Jan:

I had heard that this station USB to Firewire (Known Company - Company Name) is not with a video camera to work. Camera is not recognized because there is not synonymous Drivers. Eh I am amazed that two such different interfaces to bring a can.

The Pixela Firewire to USB cable of approximately 2002 had not worked anyway. In addition there was synonymous times a user is a long time ago. It was synonymous with Pixela not a high-speed USB 2.0, but only full speed. USB Full Speed, however, is too slow for the full 25 MBit / sec durchzukämpfen.



Antwort von woborobo:

Thanks for the quick responses, I can search the drivers probably save money.


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