Infoseite // Canon MVX200i DV In broken?

Frage von FPV86:


I bought a Canon MVX200i Mini DV on Ebay.
When recording on the mini DV tape via the AV in input but I have problems:
The blue recording window is distorted and sometimes occurs (synonymous a Picture of the recording source, satellite receiver), but only about 3 sec. long. Also this picture is greatly distorted.

When you connect a video eyewear s.den satellite receiver I have a normal picture.

If the AV input broken? Would surprise me because I can play on the same time s.Camcorders without problems s.Television the videos (; AV Out).

Thank you!


Antwort von FPV86:

Yes funny, today I tried recording again.
Only at Super RTL, I have received a Picture) (cartoon, it was again distorted, the sound was OK. The picture was now consistently there, synonymous, the recording went well (except that it was biased)
The recording source is an analog satellite receiver via RCA - Male.

Is it a copy protection fault??

When you switch to AV -> DV camcorder when nothing has changed, I still do not understand what's it for ......


Antwort von srone:

maybe a loose connection s.kabel? - Replace> cable.




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