Infoseite // Canon Mark II material into Avid Importing

Frage von Berntromp:

Good day,
Today, times have some tests done, what the Canon MarkII material s.Besten looks when it is imported into AVID.

Until now, I find the solution via MPEG Streamclip is a Quicktime video with the following settings:
Apple Motion JPEG A (Compression)
Frame size 720x576 DV-Pal (I needed PAL, of course, is synonymous unscaled)
Interlace 25 fps (frame rate) and video de-, s.BESTEN.

In "Scaling interlaced jerky Picture me too much. And it takes longer to convert.

If you can compress Avid, therefore, only makes the frame rate to 25 fps, and otherwise everything will be as it was the Picture mushy.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Kuck mal here my answer # 399,404

B. DeKid


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