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Canon WW-Konverter: WD-H37C oder WD-H37 II?

Canon WW-Converter: WD-H37C or WD-H37 II?

Frage von kuebler:
September 2008

For my HF10, I search the latest wide-angle converter. On the net I have of both a Canon WD-H37C "as synonymous found a WD-H37 II. What is the latest or best? On the Canon website, I do not become clever.

Apart from this: white people, on and where you can already get?

Thanks for hints.

Antwort von Jan:


WD H37 C is the converter for HF 10 & 100th WD H 37 II is the new RF for 11, HG 20 & 21 At least as Canon sees it. Theoretically, one could s.allen both cameras (the latter) use, at least I still know nothing else.

I can only tell you that the new II is much cheaper, he can be offered, you can make as ca 50 ¬ difference of talk.

That speaks but not necessarily for the new He II. I got the new II, but he has not had in his hand.

The IIer in the next few days (1-2 weeks max) format.


Antwort von kuebler:

Thanks for the clarification. Time very speculative: if the new cheaper, he is perhaps synonymous smaller because fewer glass.

That would be nice, at least, because the handiness of HF1x by the converter so is fairly deteriorated. Thus for me: the smaller the better, and the optical properties are obtained, an explicit Canon HD Lens safe in any case for me as an amateur sufficiently good.

I'll probably try to get the new.

Antwort von Jan:

Hi Falk,

if one compares the two converters, one obtains at least seen the optical impression that both converters are very similar.

Canon could have saved synonymous .... Or, as I think Canon has the price just a little customer Freudiger adjusted. It is not just useful ¬ 200-230 for a converter with wide diameter 37er to require the new IIer there is more at around 150-170 ¬.

For well over ¬ 200 Canon's biggest synonymous friend, but he is not even a glance at Raynox risked ...

zum Bild


Antwort von kuebler:

Thank you, you know yourself so well. I am looking for the smallest possible, the optical still really good, so I use the converter on it almost always can, for point-and-shoot.

"Raynox" sounds like giant thing on ;-)

Antwort von Jan:

zum Bild

Not necessarily, the picture a bit deceiving .....

The Raynox (5050 Pro) has a factor of 0.5 - even more so on the picture, but unfortunately the image quality suffers from such high factors more.
Most users were quite satisfied with the converter at its Canon. It costs but half of the 37 IIer Canon.

The mass of people are satisfied with Raynox.


Antwort von kuebler:

True, if you just looking at the picture, would have the Raynox even slightly smaller than the WD-H37's.

But at 0.5 but I would have just cuffs, the thing almost always draufzulassen because of reduction in IQ

Somehow, I do not understand why really absolutely not a single-camera Manufacturer WW a real device offers. Of course, such a device would have been synonymous disadvantages, but if it is embedded into the overall design is probably not too many. I would buy such a thing, and probably I would be by far not the only one.

The marketing departments of the manufacturer know more than me, but it does surprise me anyway ...

Antwort von Jan:

A couple of marketing people JVC, Canon and Panasonic, I know (see you on hold nationwide training, road shows or trade fairs), which are synonymous but the hands are tied. It is holding his ideas to Japan next and is more or less heard.

At the end of this desire must be a large mass s.Kunden come. This is not the case, the majority do not want a converter, a fortiori it is not 0.3. It is after the stop mass and what the money will - is not synonymous in life differently.

Good, the factor with the 0,5 and more is quite logical. It is damn hard there a converter to build, and has little of where the light is completely goes out to the edge. The original company to the risk is not received, and all set to 0.7 x - rarely 0.6 x. Some contractors are risking with 0.3 x or 0.5 x as more and have more or less success.


Antwort von kuebler:

With WW-device "in the previous post, I had a camcorder meant, the way he is without converter lens has a wide-angle effect, let's say 0.8. But according to me of less zoom, as a layman you never need anyway IMHO.

Of course such a camcorder would be a bit harder and more expensive than one with today's standard focal length. But probably almost every layman knows the problem that it is the standard for family pictures in the room must go far away or even not at all hinkriegt. And so far, one is actually quite synonymous in advertising can use.

Well, the reality is not as content as I would like it to me ;-)

Antwort von Jan:

Ok, that's true.

There are unfortunately few customers who are looking for a wide-angle converter question that can now s.Kunden or the bad advice of the seller are located.

But the train could go there now. For Digicams did synonymous rather long time, until it is a good choice p.28 mm focal and gave more. Now every other company, several models with 30, 28, 25 or 24 focal s.den man to bring.

Panasonic is because the video cameras at the moment of the pioneer with its 33.8 mm at the GS 90 & H 40th Maybe the thing with the video cameras in the class even harder, because the sensors with 1 / 6 "or even 1 / 8" (as in SonySR 35) is much too small to have an even bigger Wide Anglezu develop.

But you're right, it would be time for a new marketing strategy - more Wide Anglebei video cameras, for the 40 and 50 x optical zoom omit ....


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