Infoseite // Canon XH-A1 - Auto-adjustment?

Frage von 407621:

On my Canon XH-A1 is apparently necessary for three years, auto-focus adjustment. The last deployment with and without WD-H72 (; wide-angle adapter), the camera anything unfocused but not the athlete / cyclist / swimmer.

called the Canon support in Reutlingen me now a rough KVA of 70-90, - ¬ (; + tax + shipping). If the defect is always on for about three years ago?
Had the service done for you in this situation?
Oddly, my HV20 has synonymous with the autofocus problems for some time.

I leave here now, which you Recommend the Canon support in Willich warmly. But is not the one who needs some 1-2 months?


Antwort von XHA1owner:

are you in the CPS? the
time certainly brings advantages.


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