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Frage von holzbrettfahrer:

Dear Community,
I have the last few weeks re-read a lot on a forum on Aperture, Shutter ND Filters and 50i.

First of all: If you look at the issue with 50i 25p 25f deals (here 50i 25p), one is always uncertain and everyone seems to have a different opinion about the subject:

Since I am the proud owner of a Canon XH A1, I could at least solve the problem 50i or 50f. After 50f makes only a single frame is interlaced for me, the decision to use 50i at least not as difficult.

Back to my original question:
I roll with a lot of sports photography and am in bad times times in the snow skateboard ramp belichterter etc so full program.

After I had some shots synonymous shitty ", because I have the shutter to 1 / 500 and was later rotated, and thus, although my snowboarder smoothly over comes the people who rumsher are already more or less jumping to the beat nod (, jerk) , I initially came to the conclusion max. to film with 1 / 100, since it comes to the human eye s.nächsten. No matter what always happens Shutter 1 / 50 or 1 / 100 max??

Aperture will then always be at f4 to f8, I have understood you correctly? And wenns still too bright (snow), I use the ND filter, or should I still turn down to f 2 or so?
What is better ND filter or rotate Aperture?

How do I behave s.besten in poor light or in general low light? Better to use the Aperture 2 or the gain can be held (hinzuschalten probably only the Aperture on f2, and then if it did not gain enough?

Everything was adopted primarily busy with moving pictures!

Would look on me a few tips!


Antwort von nicecam:

Hello holzbrett driver,
please you in this

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