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Frage von Daniel007:


I would like to once again set the display of my camera properly. Now the question arises to me but that if I adjust the brightness etc. NOT correct, theoretically yes synonymous the aperture would be distorted because the light would be displayed on the display of the camera other than the Cam actually receives.

What am I doing?



Antwort von ruessel:

Two possibilities:

1. (Inaccurate) you connect the camera with the component cable s.deinen FlachTV, the camera to automatic and zoom out the window. Now you justierst your Camera-LCD according to what you see s.Kontrast and brightness on the living room Flat.

2. (To illuminate the exact type) you see the camera to "M" (manual), gain-3dB turn on, shutter 1 / 50 and now s.der Aperture to the small sign (white triangle) in the LCD is in the middle. This can be very difficult scenes are synonymous exposed exactly right, for example. black nun in front of white wall. Just zoom into the face of the nun, Aperture turn up the triangle again in the middle is, desired image, what it is exposed nun clean. ;-)

If the aperture of F5.6 to come, please turn on the ND filter. The optimum aperture for a sharp HD picture is F2.8 to F5.6-F4


Antwort von Daniel007:

Option 2 is really great! Somewhere in the camcorder has this push button but synonymous AE, the triangle can be calculated back to the default are aperture. If default is the center then, I only need to press the yes button. ;)
Thanks, but I have the LCD display itself is not so adjusted and then possibly corrupted values or see?


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