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Canon XH-A1 aus Kong Kong kaufen?

Canon XH-A1 from Kong Kong to buy?

Frage von BananaDragon:
Juli 2007


There are always players in Ebay, the XH-A1 at a price of about 2800 euro offer from Hong Kong. Initially, the dealer usually made from serious, but what do you think?

Since my users here in the forum some time ago the mouth-watering made by me a sample video of the XH-A1, sent me this thing will just have.

I've been about 2 years ne SonyHandycam. I've got something so rumexperimentiert and will now go ne higher class. More features, off of the typical holiday-Picture camcorder, etc.

Would you advise me on the XH-A1 or switch to its more favorable Camera? I deserve so that no money (not yet). This is my hobby and I start in the fall to study at.

Antwort von lomax:

I would advise you of. As far as I know there are still quite high customs fees on to you. 100% sure I am, however, but not synonymous.

Antwort von BananaDragon:

Topic In need of course Hong Kong is hot: D embarrassing ...

Antwort von AndyZZ:

Computed inches times 10% and 19% VAT on it. And the shipping of course.
Then you are at Euro 3665. And for that you get it all here in Germany! Without Stress!

Antwort von BananaDragon:

Da hast du recht.

And what looks like with my question about whether the principal for a nearly Beginners is suitable?

Antwort von AndyZZ:

If I had left so much money, I would probably buy it myself. Just for fun!
However, I have neither the money left over, nor have I ever even with HDV filmed.
And the controls of the Canon should be more so than widely. Of course, this can confuse synonymous.
The question is whether the camera is a bit oversized for someone who is just starting to film and perhaps synonymous only s.and to take a vacation begins. But if you're so cool technology're like me, then you buy it! :-)

Antwort von BananaDragon:

That is indeed the case. I'm technology-geil. : D

However, I do not want to spend 4000 euro and the Cam are not really able to use.

Is not that just as I would s.and to leave NEN record. Ich hab ja synonymous my s.laufen projects and working quite a lot in terms of video editing. However, I am superior to me ne "Übergangscam" so in the context of Euro 1500 to get. It's so synonymous already some good models.

Antwort von AndyZZ:

Are only 3500 ¬. And if you're so involved in the matter are, then you will have to deal synonymous out soon. Learning by doing, the new German states. Hast thou synonymous matching daheim LCD or plasma?

Antwort von BananaDragon:

This würd ich mir en 23 "Cinema display purchase.

Of course, for the first time all the money her.

Antwort von Markus:

Banana Dragon wrote:
However, I do not want to spend 4000 euro and the Cam are not really able to use.

What should, then give some better-retired 60,000 ¬ for a mouse-gray car - and then it can not drive! (You will find the gas pedal not - surely you all know).

On the other hand, are ¬ 4,000 for a camcorder almost peanuts.

And someone tell this time, after the miserly Cam for 190 ¬ and is out for a Aiptek picks for 90 ¬. - Is everything a matter of relation.

Antwort von Jan:

At Canon, I would very careful about Europe without warranty card you will be at the Canon Serial control of 90% of the warranty running.

Canon is one of the firm quite tough on the gray steps.


Antwort von PeterM:

As someone who is here in Asia launches a media production, I can only abraten.Anders as Sonydie a worldwide warranty, are the statements of Cannon as very vague.
The A! costs here in SH and in 2650, incidentally, it is HK s.2550 euro.
However, if you are in Germany, the VAT rausrechnet cost synonymous in Germany nur2800 euros.
Import tariff is around 9.6% plus VAT. If you look at the semi Kamerea already wants to buy, I would see if any company without VAT or surrendering a friendly media production into their books and to reserve you VAT they rausrechnet

Antwort von BananaDragon:

Thanks for your answers, I think I will be more likely to steer clear of it.

Antwort von Frank B.:

A quick search at a popular price search engine has just revealed to me alone 4 offers, the 3300, - euro incl VAT. lie. Among suppliers, I think they would see very reliable. A tender with 3169, - Euro strikes me as very favorable. However, the cam is not as marked Stock. One must therefore reckon with longer waiting time. Time is sometimes Money. With a little skill can thus synonymous in this country which still save money.
Personally, I am just over half a year for the FX 1 decided. At the time, was a price difference of about 600 - 700, - Euro FX between the 1 and the XH A 1 That was for me the decisive point. Dear, I have some control on waived. The purchase of FX 1 until today, I have not regretted it. It is enough for my claims entirely of (bin synonymous amateur filmmakers). For the money saved, plus 200, - Euro to buy me today: o) evening for HDV video editing computer. Core 2 Duo E6600, 2GB PC 800 Ram, 960 GB HDD on 3 separate plates, Nvidia 7900 GT graphics card with 512 MB Ram ... Only at times to show what you currently on 900, - Euro can get. The calculator would have guaranteed me at this time abschminken, if I had the Canon would have made. Will say, the budget often dictates the purchase decision and, unfortunately, one should the periphery in mind. PCs, monitors, storage medium, camera accessories, etc. are just synonymous to basic amenities.


Antwort von Axel:

View Camera - 3300 ¬ - is an external XLR Micro - 300 ¬, a decent tripod - 300 to 600 ¬ (and more) - and, if still not present, a light suitcase - from 600 to 800 ¬.
All this is in my opinion essential.
The contrast can post synonymous with the same resources be made as for DV. Not so luxurious, admittedly, but the story with the 23 "Cinema Display is really a luxury, and you can look at something at a later date to purchase. Or you are, like me, in the fortunate position of kindred in the social environment anhauen them. calculator go to the roughly 4500 ¬ to the basic equipment nor a clever cut square along with this software, you are fast to 10000 ¬ and more. Video Commercial Buden make something (but not always synonymous), for an ambitious private person would then have the argument luxury car with the excuse.

Antwort von BananaDragon:

Axel, I need you right. Of course I need then synonymous with the necessary accessories.

Currently Do I have an "old" SonyHandycam (about 2.5-3 years old) and a 2GHz, 2GB RAM iMac with FCE. That's it for me but synonymous erstmal s.Equipment.

Due to study with me in October a 17-inch MacBook Pro into the house, so I sometimes cut a pretty good system would have.

Now I nurnoch the right to Cam. It does not necessarily reflect the Canon XH-A1's. But it should already have a HD Cam, which on the consumer level is.

Antwort von Axel:

Banana Dragon wrote:
... a 2GHz, 2GB RAM iMac with FCE .... a 17-inch MacBook Pro ...

Is doch. More than I have. 20 "iMac and 13" MacBook. You have rich parents or something.

Antwort von BananaDragon:

Unfortunately, no;)

I only damn long for the MBP saved. I'm not sure if my imac is sufficient for HDV editing.

Also brauch ich halt general system for the road. FH and so ...;)

Antwort von Macmacmac:

"Axel" wrote:

The contrast can post synonymous with the same resources be made as for DV.

If only it were, then I could save the new PC. It is unfortunately the case that HDV requires more power than IR. DV I could synonymous with a PIII 500MHz 256 MB Ram intersect. Recently I had a PIV 2.8 GHz, 1GB Ram. With the decreased although HDV editing, but more complex things, like color or the long-term effects, I would not want to do. The question of the right calculator for HDV editing, we have in the forum already discussed a few times.


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