Infoseite // Canon XH A1S or SonyDCR-VX2100

Frage von vietze:


I have times when a question is the Canon XH A1S or SonyDCR-VX2100 better?


Antwort von Bernd E.:

There it probably depends, what are you having better "understand, but overall, the Canon wins this unequal Comparison.


Antwort von Somin:

what is the kind of a Comparison, please?
It's like when you compare a mouse with an elephant, which have not synonymous with each other intervention except that they are animals.

The VX2100 was outdated at the time a good camera but today.
Comes quite naturally to s.was you want to do. If you need to produce is only in SD, the VX provides an alternative synonymous but then I would resort to A1, because you can still runterrechnen.

So devinitiv -> XH A1s


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