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Frage von Daniel007:

Hey people ...

here I will adjust in the future once the few issues that I will still have to my new camcorder.

1) How do the 50i or 25f?

2) I have the camcorder on the AV1 with one connected the "Sharp Aquos ... Is what I see then really HD 1080i? I mean, I've recorded in HD, but I'm not sure s.manchen points when playing ... Recording mode: Spot Light ... And those who were then illuminated by the spot really well looked after synonymous HD, but those who then had to make do without spot, sahene not soo good grade from ... Think this is s.Modus right? Perhaps we should consider synonymous, that I have when taking advantage of the zoom up on everything.



Antwort von gast3:

to second:

You use the component cables but already, right? (Lower Komp.ausgang s.der Cam, red, blue, green s.Full HD Television, or red and white for audio?)
Back to the Spotlight: There you've probably exceeded the exposure latitude light-dark, if you expose to so bright image components, you must not expect that the dark parts in the Picture will be shown just as clean.
Manual exposure trying to see aperture should be not less than 5.6 (better use ND filters) otherwise the Picture slushy mush, ensure balanced possible exposure conditions.

At the presets make time trials ...... for now ....

What do you mean with: "the zoom up on all exploited?"


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