Infoseite // Canon XH A1s: Eliminate microphone holder?

Frage von Canon XH:

Hello, maybe someone can help me in the forum.
For my Canon XH A1s I bought the Rode NTG 2 Microphone. Directly attached s.Mikrofonhalter is, as expected, recorded sound of each handle. The Rode shockmount SM 5, the result is much better at full only low handling noise can be heard, I take the level back something that is nothing more to hear. Of course the camera through the spider is much higher and wider, and that disturbs me already. My idea is to be screwed to the original holder of the Canon unscrew (2 screws) and the Rode mic spider jump s.The Camera. My question therefore is: Has anyone done such a thing before, says something about it, for example, can anything be kept slightly on the inside of the camera by the screws. I would not cause costly repairs, because this warranty is not so.

For each answer, I am grateful.



Antwort von masterseb:

removing the screws is completely save


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