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Frage von Stutzel:

Hello together!
I want the "movie-looks" for my next production in the frame mode (ie, full-screen mode), the XL-1 (yes, turn the first model). 've No experience with it. Naürlich I have made tests of all kinds of recording situations. In the viewfinder of the camera is on identifying Recording and playback, a slight tremor in movement, which I would of course disturb the finished film very much. I Capture the whole thing with my Einspieler in Premiere Pro 1.5 and edit it in the next PC with the appropriate setting for frame shots, fine. Synonymous with output to DVD.
My concern is that I now put much effort into my next production and then eventually turns out that the frame mode was not a good choice because it has some drawbacks, which I have not noticed in testing.
Can someone give me a hint as? That would be great.


Antwort von PowerMac:

"xl 1 frame mode / mode" on google leads to the papers of the last five years. The theme is old, umpteen times and discussed everything known about it.


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