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Frage von ummerland:

Hello everybody!

I'm wondering exactly the Canon XL H1 (A) (Buy S), and therefore ask you for the experience description.
Is the Recommended Camera?
What are the benefits of what the drawbacks?
Are you with the H1 (A) (S) satisfied?
Which of the versions are s.besten? (H1A, H1S or H1)
I did some already on the camcorder Test Page: Is the Wide Anglewirklich so weak?

For me, the camcorder would be interesting, because it has analog inputs, to convert my old Hi8 tapes via S-video signal to Firewire.
Does it convert well? Is the quality ok or Augenkrebsfördernd?

I hope someone can help me



Antwort von r.p.television:

I'm still the XL H1 and XH-A1.
I must say that regardless of the price of the XH A1 for many purposes, the camera is better.
1. The shoulder pad for XL H1 is hardly an advantage because of the top-heaviness.
2. The XH A1 has a better or finer custom preset.
3. The XH A1 is more mobile
4. And very important. It is much more wide-angle. It has, in contrast to the XL H1 (41mm KB) 32.5 mm focal KB. The WW-Converter you come to 26 mm KB. This allows to work much better.
5. The XH A1 you get for under 3000 euros. Do not know what even the XL currently costs. But certainly a lot more.

Everything else is more or less the same.

I would save money for the extra charge on the XL and I'd rather buy a capture card with analog inputs for the PC. It is cheaper and easy on the camera.

Overall, the two cameras are a little "outdated". That the picture quality is still on top. They actually ranked just below the EX1.
If there is no hurry: Next year, get out of the successors:
APS-C sensor (more sensitivity to light, more depth of field), FULL-HD, AVC-Intra at 54mbps. Wide angle, etc, and for 8000 euros.


Antwort von ummerland:

Thanks for the quick message!

Quote Of rptelevision:
I would save money for the extra charge on the XL and I'd rather buy a capture card with analog inputs for the PC. It is cheaper and easy on the camera.

I already have a Pinnacle AV / DV PCI card in my PC, but not with this I'll come with the full Qüalität pure, and the quality is terrible! Then I bought me a Dazzle (S-video, RCA to USB) but the quality is equally bad. Have already tried various synonymous Capture Programs, but that did not work easily.
My collection: Hi8 recorder with S-Video output on AV / DV card or Dazzle. In addition s.Recorder hangs a television, where the quality is much better.
I was told that capturing with an A / D converter, better, and such is included in the cameras with analog input synonymous.

One more question: disadvantages in the XH A1? Are the chromatic aberrations and aberrations clearly visible, as the camcorder test stand?



Antwort von r.p.television:

I think the CA is now not so bad. But they are already visible.
For CA, incidentally giving the XL and XH nothing.


Antwort von B.DeKid:


At the XI belongs as a standard lens ALWAYS the WW normal Optics Lens is good as always were not on.

The XI had TC in / out just fr sound very intressant .... otherwise no great difference to the XH


To take wandi PinnacIe Studio DeIux - da get a PCI card with Firewire ports and a BreakOut Box with In / Out RCA .... the top is the map I have 3 units do not need to hide himself from the others for capturing 1A QuaIi

Sorry my "" button seems to be why the big putt I instead ""

B. DeKid


Antwort von canovision:

The great advantage of the XL's is just the possibility of changing lenses, the large margin s.Focal, with its wide Anglevon 24mm to about 800mm with standard optics, (KB-Comparison) then the nature of the viewfinder, angled, rotating, folding, there is no The position would not be feasible, there is always a screened viewfinder when synonymous want the quality to left (can be synonymous not better) in the XH

The XH is naturally more compact, the final product is equal, one must know what you really braucht.Schulterkameras they are both not really.
With my XL2, I have video tapes transferred -8, impeccable, but the only reason I would not buy me no XLH, are yet again, almost 2000 EUR more for the service Hire XH, but see above!


Antwort von joey23:

I know both the XH A1 as synonymous, the XL H1a pretty good. Last mentioned, I have myself. The XH H1a has in the handling, unfortunately for me, but a considerable disadvantage. Anything less, bissel delicate, more plastic, more to the menu ...

Sure, the XL is not a right shoulder-mounted camera, but it can be to use enough strength in his arms, almost exactly, but it is synonymous Henkelmann use as well.

I work with the XL leiber well as with the little sister.


Antwort von ruessel:

Quote: For CA, incidentally giving the XL and XH nothing.


Antwort von Der Nick:

Hi Florian!
Here we have an XH A1 for sale. Approximately 1.5 years old, plus various Extrabold Batteries!
Upon request, like synonymous with one Redrock M2 Cinema 35mm adapter!
Write to me about this time an e-mail!

nick (at)

Mach's gut!



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