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Frage von justen309:

Hello Dear Slashcam,
I am happy now for almost a year with my Canon XL1S. Only lately it makes me the most beautiful recordings kaput.

How is because:
So if I have a scene in the box and they would like to see on the PC, you'll see that after some time such strips with NEM was still in the picture anderren strip leuft the film next:


Now my question:
sietzt the video recorder or false s.wen what is going on and so can I turn of the repaired?

Thanks for answers

LG Justen
[/ Img]


Antwort von Filmo:

The film looks exactly like when you plug it in the viewfinder look at, or Cam s.den Television? Then the video head or s.Ende.
Try it with a cleaning tape (according to the attached instructions to proceed-not more than about 10 seconds and the s.Stück about 3 times)
The botched shots but probably no longer be produced ...


Antwort von alpenmolch:

... the problem occurs always, or only at this location?

I once had with my VX2100 exactly exactly the same artifacts ... I thought I get the Grätze ...

The cause was then finally a strong FM stations in the area, the with its electromagnetic waves into the SONY "trade blunders" ...

've come back again - Preview shots again because I could not believe it ...

Only in this way sometimes as a tip ...



Antwort von B.DeKid:

Gude Justen

Let me see s.arbeiten ne list in order to get out what you have as a Prob ...

- Videos can be captured (transferred) to the PC with what cam?

- Videos are errors already in the viewer of the action

- There are always the same frames in the movie that are damaged or changing frames?

- Which Tapes (brand) latest hockey you and the problem occurs on all varieties?

- Have you recently filmed with different tape types?

- Have you got a cleaning means cleaning tape durchgeeführt?

- You use the tapes only once or multiple times?

- Are there strong boxes next to the action during the capture to the PC?

- How many tapes you have recorded something in the meantime?

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Answer these questions first.

Furthermore, you can times the Cam synonymous to the General Check / clean bring to send srvice Center.

Out of there just have a look and call and ask if they are waiting there on the spot synonymous the Canon XL camera.

And then sometimes reports.

B. DeKid


Antwort von justen309:

Hey filmography:
Yes, the film always looks like this, no preference whether I him on TV, watch on your pc or in the viewfinder. The with the tape I've tried it only brings nciht really what (it occurs nciht then 3 times more on it on the 4th of recording it again.) Thanks anyway

Hey Alpine newt:
It occurs nciht always only sometimes (and always if and only if it was a perfect recording.) And then always synonymous minute for 1-3 minutes long. Thanks synonymous

Hey B. DeKid

I always capture with the XL1S

Yes these short 1-3 minutes error are synonymous scenes because when I look at the film after the recording in the viewer look.

No always the same frames.

I first received the tape with your TDK and it was great, never fail.
Then with Sony premium on the first 5 tapes nciht happened but then after the 5th Has this problem. (Synonymous with the cam've cleaned the tape but it is still there.

I always use basically my tapes again.

Well if you call logitech Z4 speakers as strong. (Rather not)

Meanwhile, I have already recorded more than 30 tapes. (But 15 of them no longer than 25 minutes full)

So I think I will send them once a for cleaning and inspection and then I look again.

I will make a video problem and upload it to Youtube it.

LG Justen


Antwort von Fenek:

Note this:
the drive will cost supposedly "only" 80 ¬,
newly installed recently been an acquaintance (Canon XH-H1)
what does the installation for that I can not say.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

So I'm with Sony DV tapes and DAT area synonymous Probs already had - the kind of smear.

The upload of an error you can save videos because the sample is known and pull nachzuvoll by the screenshot.

Yes, send me a cam that can never really hurt if you do this of time to time.

B. DeKid


Antwort von justen309:

So the video with whom I like to do is synonymous cost 10 minutes of my life:

Please look at the video entirely synonymous when there is a still image.

I will send the camera again.
Thanks for the answers
LG Justen


Antwort von

Without properly read your thread and have just thrown an eye on your tape to have a choice, I tell you that it is up to 99% s.den tapes.

I do not understand why people still get the SonyDv Premium tapes. They are all horrific tapes I have ever seen. One should SOny sue for such a mess.

Give it a whirl with the DV Excellence.



Antwort von justen309:

It is s.price: 10 for egrnedwas with 25 ¬
And for 5 TDK ergendwas with 15 ¬

Well must go to gaze which tapes are cheap and good.


Antwort von Filmo:

Wish you not know that it is s.Videokopf looks, but like it.
The Canons were and are still s.Besten Panasonic tapes, which had been confirmed many times, do again tried it.
Had (years ago) the same problem with my XL1, the repair cost about 400-Euro.Videoköpfe wear out just once, however, you can do anything.
It is important always to use as possible the same volume brand, with the same support material, otherwise a greasy film on the heads, Sony tapes have been proven (been here so often brought to the Language) the worst possible solution for the Canon cameras.
With the slogan "greed is good" You will not get far, do you spend much time and effort into your shooting, and then it was saved because of some ¬ absolutely for free?


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Yes, as I said, TDK and Panasonic tapes I have here only synonymous - I buy them mostly ne small box and stocked it then as the slide and roll films in nem mini bar fridge.

So I've always what s.Start and save when buying about 10 - 15%
I only conditional value since the fridge even though he (is set) is cooled only minimally synonymous its electricity costs.

B. DeKid


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