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Frage von jeffrey_x:


can help because I had a question time, I hope my man.

-I have a used Canon XL1S in ebay auction and now the optical zoom does not work. The zoom is now very high Zoomfähigkeit and can not zoom out again, neither with the keys still operate with manual mode s.Lens.

wanted to ask whether there eseine ability to lock the zoom or the like, or do I just like the start of the zoom is broken.

Thank you for your help in advance

mfg jeffrey


Antwort von nohab:

Have you tried to lose weight schonmal Lens and put back on it too?
Although I have only a few times with gefimt a xl1, but I noticed nothing of the sort. The best thing is the camera of the workshop complete check-up, because then you know what is still broken. A friend of mine had bought one on ebay XL1, which had a broken drum. The money for the repair he has not recovered from the seller, since he had no proof. So the entire camera by cancel a while you can claim it yet.
Liebe Grüße NOHAB


Antwort von B.DeKid:

The Optics in a defect, the optics need to service ... already happens sometimes happens but is not a broken leg.

B. DeKid


Antwort von canovision:


None of your friends has such a
Cam, or an XL2 for a test exchange?

Transmission and Camera s.Optics contacts are clean?
(; Brass colored pins or surfaces visible during off-Lens)




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