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Frage von bruedator:

Hi folks,
maybe someone can help me because he knows this problem:
I have a very slow unverwackelten and zoom with my XL1S conjure, which thanks to the great remote control and the adjustable zoom speed varies really should not be a problem ... BUT: if both Selsbst Grips (Zoomknöpfe) in the menu on "low" are asked, you zoom with the remote control to "medium" speed, which is too fast. Hence the question whether any setting I've overlooked or not it actually goes ...

Thanks for tips!


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Alexander,

what kind of remote control do you have? An IR remote control or a Lanc control? - Both types, it is no preference which s.Camcorders speed is set. The Lanc-control speed is usually chosen as variable as s.Camcorders itself


Antwort von bruedator:

Hi Markus,

thanks for the reply!
It is with the remote control to the model: Canon WL-D3000, what a guy is I do not know, but I look.
That is the stupid one in the camera menu itself no better choice for the remote control will take place. I think I will do my luck at times directly Canon try ...
Many greetings


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