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Frage von XHA1owner:

Hello! if I'll settle for a SD-cam, then for one of the top three ..

does that mean that the two XM compete in low-light area with the PD170 can not, therefore, would be the better for me? the lack of XLR inputs of the XM2 could still be conjured up with an adapter.

and then to interest me what level my XH A1 is classified, so what can I expect with a PD170 and compared to the XM2 XH A1 .. same level ..?



Antwort von tommyb:

The PD170 should in any case be more luminous than the XM2. The built-XLR connections are not synonymous to despise - you need no adapter as synonymous for, happens to be installed also.

What do you mean with level?
The usability? The Verabteitung? Reliability?

The XM2 XH A1 still resembles the s.meisten - the PD170 comes from the Sony camp and in turn, is to use something else.

Both cameras are great - and I would prefer but the PD170.


Antwort von XHA1owner:


I need yes true 16:9 and that goes with all the cameras so at all.

I've heard that because of a sony model under the PD170, there are recent construction ... someone knows?


Antwort von srone:

as it would with a pd-175?




Antwort von XHA1owner:

the camera used to cost 1200 usd max ... for ne new SD-only-cam, I argue that there is no 3000 of eur, as I then get better again ne XH A1 ..

edit: meant the sony is the HDR FX1 or HVR-V1E. But grad on ebay for 1400th .. because it is too far-longer Ner new XH A1 with VAT

.. or sony HC 1st ..


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