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canon XM2 - trotz Aufnahme bleibt das Band leer!?

Canon XM2 - despite the tape recording will remain empty?

Frage von uffnik1:
April 2007

I have since 2 weeks with a Canon XM2 (used on ebay auction) and am an absolute beginner video.

When using the Camera has now set the following problem, which I can not categorize. Perhaps it is just a handling error on my part?

So today had a new cassette is inserted and filmed for the second time. The camera has given me during the approximately 2 hour use of the outdoor scenes synonymous confirmed. Is the camera and ran the displayed remaining time of the tape has been reduced. I have control over the recording in VCR mode but not made.
When I entered the film now on the PC wanted to play, I had to find that the tape is blank !!??. Had then made sample recordings - but despite the tape recording was blank (erase block is of course not)

Only with a completely new turn cassette, the film is actually synonymous to the tape arrived.
Have the feeling that the recording only when completely empty radio cassettes.
Is this possible? Camera s.der Or is something not set correctly? In the manual, I found nothing.

I would be happy about an answer.


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Tobi,

the problem occurs only with this one on tape? Then throw it away! - Teste synonymous times, how the new recording on tapes and whether it behaves as similar problems or block formation.

Possibly. the video heads are heavily polluted, which is used in consumer devices is not uncommon. Few users have their equipment cleaned by a specialist or waiting.

Possibly. helps synonymous times a cleaning cartridge.

Antwort von Glottis:

... 'm the old tape straight through again.
The nothing on the tape can be seen, is not true. In a short sequence of pictures taken since (maybe 20 sec.), But the picture is even strip to see (hm?)

For sample shots with the new tape once everything seems to function as it should. But still can not believe that it is s.den tapes, but rather s.der Camera.

Use incidentally (wg. owner) the Sony Premium tapes.

Just two questions:
If pollution is present, then I would have the camera but this report really synonymous, or not?
Where, in Berlin, you can get a Canon XM2 to clean, and what does it cost so little?

Replies would be nice

Antwort von Markus:

"Tobi" wrote:
If pollution is present, then I would have the camera but this report really synonymous, or not?

Not necessarily. Some camcorders have this feature and use them synonymous, while others leave their owners in the dark about.

"Tobi" wrote:
Where, in Berlin, you can get a Canon XM2 to clean, and what does it cost so little?

What it costs depends on the provider. And since I'm from Frankfurt, I have no expert in Berlin for ...

Antwort von Markus:

"Tobi (via email tsts * *)" wrote:
Hi Markus,

You have me already several times in the forum Slashcam replied.
Now I thought I would write you directly at times, at the moment because I do not know next.

Have now used Reinigiungskasette and then bin out for a few shots. But again had to find that nothing on the tape has arrived. (Is in the control in VCR mode the blue TV screen, but no pictures are to be seen)
Recovery at home and totally frustrated, I filme in the apartment. Only a short sequence, but since then it has worked once. I do not understand.

So far it's already been three times (ie every time a new Sony Premium tape used):
I film for testing, just in the apartment - everything is in order. Take out the cassette. Go later, or s.nächsten day, out into the open air, movies, and as described - no images on the tape. (and no indication of the camera, that they are not picking up or the like)

What to do?
Should I again initiated the Reinigungskasette?
Should I use the MiniDV mark completely change (eg Panasonic)?
Or I stay with Sony (maybe the Professional)?
If I had used the Reinigungskasette, should I have previously used tapes no longer use?

All these questions are, of course, you are not synonymous to me without so much as to answer it.

But what would you do if this problem would arise s.Deiner Camera?

As already described ne 'Canon XM2 and the cameraman (ie me) is an absolute beginners.

I would be very pleased about an answer!

Greetings from Berlin
Kadri (Tobi)

What question would be, for example, a dirty head drum, against which the cleaning tape can not do anything. Could be synonymous, that the total head drum and a new abgenudelt is due. And as a third proposal, I would like an electronic defect (loose contact) lead, which results in something that works and then again not synonymous.

You see, there are several options, but with certainty, the only one expert to clarify the device in front of him has. In the distance is probably not satisfactorily resolved.

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