Infoseite // Canon XM2 does not run on Windows 7 in premiere cs 4, No Drivers?

Frage von Daniel Esser:


have the following problem, the Canon XM 2 on Windows 7, although recognized in Device Manager (Canon DM-XM2) However With the device status "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)". All attempts by the driver update, Search on Canon HP, the Internet, are fehgeschlagen in forums etc.. You can not control synonymous premiere in four Cs "offline capture device.

Know that there was sometimes a problem in XP with SP2 and synonymous something similar in Vista this is above me, however, new.

Am extremely grateful of any help.

Greetings Daniel


Antwort von Teeth:

For Windows7 can be seen in the Control Panel in Device Manager under IEEE ... Port set somewhere that he takes the "old-Drivers". Just know not how it is exactly. But for me this has eliminated all errors.


Antwort von Daniel Esser:

Unfortunately had not worked with use "prior Drivers". Well, then the IEEE 1394 drivers updated and the thing runs :-)


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