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Canon geht auf AVCHD-Festplatte - Canon HG10

Canon goes on AVCHD hard drive - Canon HG10

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
August 2007

Canon goes on AVCHD hard drive - Canon HG10 of rudi - 1 Aug 2007 14:51:00
Not unexpectedly blocked Canon is now the technique of HV10/HV20/HR10 still synonymous with a 40 GB hard drive. The 25 P-Mode is also available as an Headphones and microphone port. The other technical data are totally with the sister models are identical. The only novelty is the Joystsick for handling wandered into the display. From October 2007 the new Canon HG10 then for 1399 euro in the shops are.

All technical data can be found as always in the evening in our database camcorder ...

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Antwort von Marco:

Niciht link works.


Antwort von uho:

Since AVC worse than HDV / mpeg2 performs would me a camera with Mpeg2 and hard drive rather than a camera with AVC and hard drive.

Since one can only hope that the quality of Canon AVC improved so that AVC synonymous with HDV / mpeg2 can keep ...

I also hope that more popular programs such as Premiere and MSP soon synonymous AVC natively support ...

Antwort von kombinat2null:

the wars with the HDV camcorders?
seems almost as ...
gruß cj

Antwort von wolfgang:

Not necessarily, the HDV material still has advantages such as easier workability. But the industry puscht halt massive AVCHD devices ...

Antwort von wolfgang:

Supplement: the MSP is probably not native editing of AVCHD more support because of Corel it would no longer be developed next. Adobe - na because I know too little. Will you cut AVCHD natively, so the time for Pinnacle Studio, VdL, Edius and Vegas 7e (s.der coming 4.5er version).

Antwort von Marco:

"As bad as AVC HDV / mpeg2 performs"

This is quite and not so.


Antwort von kombinat2null:

maybe you should have some technical data mentioned:

AVCHD with 15mbit
cmos 1 / 2, 7 "(which is again smaller than the HV20: () and 2.07 effective megapixels

beginning 43.6 mm focal length
and apparently no longer dv output (is this normal camcorders with hard disk?)

this comes somehow as familiar to me before, another successor of a cam may be less ..

Antwort von kombinat2null:

I have improved, the chip is the same. as I only came out that the HV20 a 1 / 2 inch?

ok then I take that back!

Antwort von kombinat2null:

"Anonymous" wrote:

and apparently no longer dv output (is this normal camcorders with hard disk?)

which should have a firewire output have if
the data copied over usb?
wars synonymous for the firewire?
gruß cj

Antwort von kombinat2null:

Firewire has only 400MBit / s, this is the protocol for transferring large amounts of data optimized. Consequently, when Firewire 400 the effective data throughput is greater than USB 2.0, where with 480Mbit / s protocol more garbage for less data rübergeschickt is ...

That's why I find firewire for camcorder very useful !!!!!

Antwort von kombinat2null:

And once again someone who knows the Firewire "fast" is. Thee is already clear that the data for DV / HDV happens in real time, so copying 11GB of data 1 hour? How high is probably because the effective data throughput? Toll, for 25MBit / s you need, of course necessarily Firewire.
Even if we from the DV / HDV minutes away, you may like to look at what speed the built-in mini hard drive provides an ideal case.

If you anschaust, you will realize how useful ????? Firewire, for reasons of data in this area.

Antwort von Markus:

It is with tape drives that deliver data-free (have to), rather to the constant data rate of Firewire as to its constant high-speed transmission. FW does not halt "Reflection." ;-)

See necessarily synonymous:
Firewire is really better than USB?

Antwort von sammy:

For tape procedure has Firewire sure its authorization (even alone, therefore, because it is in (H) DV standard and all the editing programs that support then synonymous).
For disk cameras but it is only a matter of data to copy. There is no precise timing required, in principle, because the camera is nothing more than an external disk. Insofar as it is in principle no preference, be it via USB or Firewire is. Are problematic because rather strange recording formats, which somehow must first be converted. As one hears horror stories unfortunately quite. But that has content with Firewire / USB synonymous nothing to do.

Antwort von sammy:

And once again someone who knows the Firewire "fast" is. Thee is already clear that the data for DV / HDV happens in real time, so copying 11GB of data 1 hour?

Yes, of course, but here is not to HDV output, but only for a camcorder as a firewire hard drive, of which the data over.
Of course, the Fetsplatte important factor.

I agree just do not believe that, with USB 2.0 Firewire flutes goes ....

But in principle it is my schnurzpiepwurschtegal, and would like to no other USB / firewire thread have triggered :-)

Antwort von sammy:

"Anonymous" wrote:
I agree just do not believe that, with USB 2.0 Firewire flutes goes ....

not because usb 2.0 firewire flutes could go, but because
more and more camcorder to hard disks, memory sticks or discs and the manufacturer wegrationalisieren firewire ...
dv cam s.einer-out, of course, has the advantage for all who love her
material directly and on a good dvd recorder to dvd want.
gruß cj

Antwort von uho:

Previous tests certified HDV especially when panning a better Bildqualiät. What held me to buy a HV20 was the tape as storage media.
Now my question: What is AVCHD to HDV is now open? Can you test on your own or did you experience? Are there tests on the HR10?

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