Infoseite // Canon hv 30 vs Canon HF200

Frage von MichaWe:

have a question, and indeed what camcorder would you recommend me more!
I swivel between the Canon and the Canon HV30 LEGRIA HF200!
What can you recommend me more and what is the reason?
Mostly I'd use the camera for skateboarding.
Best regards micha


Antwort von srone:

I think on a hv-30 skate it better, it seems more stable. ;-)

if you want to shoot and cut it, it is probably s.ehesten s.deiner computer hardware, which the hdv hv 30 is designed to work with relatively modest hardware, edit the avchd the HF200 is already a relatively powerful system can advance and then still painful be slow. quality to give both formats is not very much, despite the supposedly poorer horizontal resolution of the hv-30. wonder if the hardware does not matter, they both take in the hand with which you feel comfortable that I would take, because ultimately you have to work with.




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