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Canon is not planning video firmware changes in the 5D Mark II of Thomas - 8 Apr 2009 15:59:00
Carsten writes: Here is a groundbreaking interview with Chuck Westfall of Canon. He called the 5D Mark II as the "first generation" DSLR with video and want of consideration for the many Amateuere manner, with no knowledge of video and therefore everything must rotate in automatic: "To be honest with you, one of the other issues is that adding the full range of manual controls on this camera makes it a much more complicated instrument. It's not necessarily that we're never going to do it, but it's a generation 1.0. We'd like to get some market feedback, which we ' ve already received now, before we start making any serious changes to the overall feature set or design. "
Thus, a firmware upgrade for the video mode of the 5D MarkII unlikely. On the question of whether the new video standard feature in DSLR will be the West wants to be the case, surprisingly, neither set. Whether the next 5 D (Mark III) will still have video? (And maybe Announces thus already feared the internal group for consideration for the 2010 with DSLR Sensor
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