Infoseite // Canon vs. MVX3i. XM2 vs.. XL1S

Frage von vertov99:

I know, the three said 3 camera models are "antiques" ...

but worth it switched of the MVX3i on one of the other two cameras? significant differences (1 - to 3-chip models, alternate s.der XL1S optics, etc.) I know, but how the three differ greatly in the practical image quality? MVX3i which has only a proper 16:9 mode and at least according to vendor page 1.77 mio. Net pixel, significantly more than the two "big brothers" internal processing and interpolation is not synonymous with "pixel-shift". I have recordings of the various cameras are compared, and must confess: I do not see any serious difference. lowlight in the MVX3i is perhaps the weakest, seems in good conditions but the XL1 (s) almost to surpass - is pure fantasy? because someone has more experience in terms of technique and practice?

(before someone on the undeniable merits of other, newer refer cams: I customary animal remains at the moment and canon sd.)


Antwort von vertov99:

Perhaps the question was then but a bit too vague. provocative: I say times, which ultimately spits MVX3i a better 16:9-building than the XL1S and sparing me the switched. (adapter, xlr out times, etc..) vote against?


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