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Frage von marc242:

Hello Forum,

I own the Canon XH-A1 and I would like to receive XH-A1s
. Grow Now I have seen here at the slashCAM the two
bildtechnisch unfortunately not quite the same. For bright as synonymous
with dark images, there are apparently quite a bit s.Unterschied.
To cut the later does not always color and brightness adjustments
vornehen to have to tell me whether it would interssieren a Workaroud
There you can adjust with presets on the two recordings
and whether the duchgespielt anyone ever has "the same or
Problem was.
Perhaps the two cameras have indeed not at all so great
How to make the difference here at the Comparison of the cameras see.
So if someone has both cameras and could tell me would be
The really great.

Would be very nice if someone could help me there.

Greetings and thanks,



Antwort von ruessel:

No worry, both cameras make absolutely equal and identical recordings.


Antwort von seeyou:

have also both Cams and can confirm the statement of the previous speaker only ;-)

Greetings and have fun


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