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There is a possibility, with Final Cut Pro Canopus HQ to create?
Background is the new turbo, which instead of the current internal with (MPEG2 based) GXF now the "broadcast codec" Canopus HQ with bit rates between 150 and 200 Mbit / s. ( with.
Both in the data sheets of Apple as a potential synonymous 3.-providers such as Telestream Episode Pro absolutely nothing to be found Canopus HQ. On creativecow and Google in general, I find almost nothing to Canopus HQ, had not at in conjunction with Final Cut Pro.

We have to deliver compelling reasons of time, the internal format, otherwise are the import multiple times in real time.
The post is now therefore a need instructions as normal clips with Final Cut setup / compressor, etc., can create in Canopus HQ.

Thanks for any info / link / Tip


Antwort von RickyMartini:

The Canopus HQ codec can be used only on Windows. In this example, the export with PPro CS4 with this codec is possible, the result is not executable. Thus, only the possibility of the HQ codec is used for the import, if not used as Edius NLE.


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