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Frage von Heinrich-Arthur:

Hello and good day!

I'm new here.

My Calculator is new (Win 7 Professional, 64 bit / Intel Core i5 760@2.80GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM / 4 cores / physically 2794 GB / Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 240).

Pinnacle's new (Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Premium HD version 14).

I am not (so very) new.

Windows 7, I think now more than not soo bad. Although the manual is good, I am, however, a Pinnacle greenhorn.

Of course I have previously tried here in the forum to find answers to my questions.
It may be that I'm too stupid or too blind to see comments or posts that answer my questions. Reading would be much more convenient than typing issues here.

For example, I've recorded during my trip to the USA 5-1H tapes.

The process I would, of course. Lt. Manual I know how a video tape "recorded" is. Not know how to handle follow-bands; the second 3 ... tape.

Each tape as an independent project to create and capture? So total 5 individual projects to be assembled later into an overall project?

to save five hours of raw material and as a Project "in the play" to trim it may not be synonymous (?)

Then there is the matter with the DVD that I bought in Yellowstone the Yellowstone National Park.

Thank God, has not crossed our path with that of a grizzly bear. Wolves also do not. A hand-tame bison. A Wapiti, who, when finally put my camera on the tripod, trotted back into the forest.

Wolf, Grizzly, no preference. I wish I assume some of the sequences from Yellowstone DVD white, but not how. Under copyright issues a "tipping liges" thing. What makes a seasoned "Pinnacle-cutter" in a similar situation?

I'm hoping for some tips.



Antwort von mann:

"Henry-Arthur" wrote: I wish I assume some of the sequences from Yellowstone DVD white, but not how. Under copyright issues a "tipping liges" thing.

want copyright interest only if you use it commercially. How do you cut up the DVD, I do not exactly synonymous. Hab's only recently read but forgotten. Is probably not a problem.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

Matters in this case is not only the commercial use, but the issue of a publication. If all private movie you only look at with the family, you can use it any foreign material. Want to publish the work, however (for example, on a platform like Youtube) then set the current release of the rights holder should be sought.
How do you do about Pinnacle talking about, read the material, I can not say unfortunately, synonymous, since I do not know this software. Maybe you need but still perform a standard conversion, as a purchased DVD in the U.S. probably in the NTSC format.


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