Infoseite // Capture HDV format for Premiere and Pinnacle. Or MPEG M2V?

Frage von casjenennen:


need lots of tape capture. Sliced on a professional cut in the Pinacle Square (Avid) will expire. The question is whether I am on my laptop with Premiere can capture. When he first makes me in a HDV 1080 50i mpg. With Pinacle a M2V file. What should I amchen, what is high quality? In Premiere ichs probably can not adjust ...
Had super if you can answer me as soon as possible!
Thank you!



Antwort von immanuelkant:

The m2v at Pinnacle is at least the native data, you can get from the tape (ie, 1:1, without any loss). The sound is in a separate WAV file attached.
At the premiere of MPG I can make no statement.


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