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Frage von stone12683:


got to my old video digitizer -8 images a SONY DCR-TRV 340E increased. Recorded were the analog video cassettes with a -8 Fisher FVC-P720 (built 1990).

Capture with 'Scenalyzer Sclive' is fine. Unfortunately, the system does not meet the date and time stamp. Therefore, a scene separation is not made according to this criterion.

As the old Fisher-camera but synonymous date and time recorded, it has to give it any chance?

Is the fisher system may fail with the RCTC of Sony Compatible?




Antwort von Markus:


it is rather the case that in this aspect of analog with digital is not compatible.

It is indeed a possibility, the Data Code of Video8 to use when digitizing. That is my information after an analog playback device, which has a Lanc port.

The AV signal is then of an A / D converter digitizes, while the Data Lanc code to a PC serial interface must be. With appropriate software, display the data there again together.

zum Bild

All in all, no 1-Click Solution, but rather something for inventors.


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