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Frage von susas:

Hi experts,

For my project I use 4 simple cameras (cameras, platinum)
with video outputs.
(I use them because they should be as small as possible and easy for the Project and at the same time maximize Resolutionhaben) must

Now I would also like the video signals of all 4 cameras
import via USB on my laptop (PowerBook G4).

In addition, I use 4 Converter (MSI Movie VOX mini)
With video input and USB 2.0 output.

Videoglide (
as Drivers.

Works wonderfully synonymous with one converter,
the second is recognized in Videoglide, another
Window opens, but the video image is not displayed.

Now I have another converter (Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge)
And I conclude that an MSI-converter, it
Videoglide both recognizes and displays both video recordings
in two windows.

Why is the simultaneous import of several video works --
signals with the MSI converters not?


Antwort von carstenkurz:

'Note that one serial number per device will be required, ie to enable 3 devices, 3 serial numbers must be purchased. Note that a stock machine with no additional USB 2.0 PCI cards can run only two devices simultaneously, and one of those must be p.320 x 240 Adding USB 2.0 expansion cards can increase the number of devices that can run simultaneously, and the frame sizes s.which they can operate. "

Depending on the USB device can be synonymous, a hardware / driver issue. Some USB devices do not allow the identification of identical devices s.gleichen bus.

- Carsten


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