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Frage von isotope62:

Hello ...

I've got a problem here with an A1.
The cam is not recognized by the calculator.
For Firewire cable connected to the calculator does not respond.
My OS is XP Pro SP2.

It flashes in the display only HDV / DV IN. I may be wrong but is that not wrong? Yes I will not print to tape, but via firewire off. I've already been through all the settings (synonymous a complete resetting of the Preferences)

But nothing can not connect to the calculator.
(I did try on different PCs)

So slowly, I doubt s.mir ... hmmm

Maybe somebody has a tip.

Thanks in advance!

best regards ...


Antwort von stefanda:

The same problem I have been synonymous today! AFTER yesterday I read somewhere on the net had it was a BUG of the Camera! (Previously it ran flawlessly with firewire - only because of zeros and ones!)

When it still worked binkte but synonymous "HDV / DV IN" but the seeming to be correct!


Antwort von dp:

I have a similar problem - and so far have not synonymous solution - I have to made a new topic in which I explain the problem exactly.

then a solution should be found to help the perhaps synonymous next.


Antwort von mars.venus:

Just rest in the German Page 109 of Manual of the XH A1 read, this could possibly even help


Antwort von mars.venus:

Hello again,
an important supplement. First off the camera and the 1394 cable. After each setting on p. 109 and then again the cable anschlieszen.


Antwort von blueflyer:


Have the same problem. Cam is on XP SP2 does not respond.
Also settings according to the instructions on p. 109 have nothing.
After some time herumprobieren I found out that the PC recognizes the camera as soon as one link in the menu the item "SP playback on DV recruits!?
When the camera but in the HDV or automatic mode switch, it recognizes the PC nothing more.
What is the this?
Very strange. maybe a firmware bug? It has surely other users here in the forum, the camera in HDV mode with the PC can address?
I work with Avid LiquiPro 7.2

Best regards


Antwort von Gast 0815:

My XP synonymous wanted my A1 with nothing to do, only in DV mode it worked. It then set missing files in Windows, which I for the installation had not Requirements. My solution:
Since then everything works as it should.

Greetings from Marburg


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