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Capture- Unkomprimiertes AVI- zur Weiterbearbeitung komprimieren- Endformat

Capture uncompressed AVI Compress-end format for further processing

Frage von FPV86:
August 2009


I take videos (from a video eyeglasses, 640x480, 4:3) using the USB stick EasyCap on the notebook on.
In addition, I use Ulead Video Studio 11, in order to save computing power is the AVI format unkoprimiertes (; 720x576, 4:3, 25 fps), approximately 26MB per second, 13 min ~ 20 MB! Desired recording time max. 20 min.
I will then Zusammenschneiden videos. For this I need the AVI, but first I want to compress it to about 500 MB (; about 10 min .= 0.83 MB / sec.).
This compressed file, I do not want to use only edit the video, but synonymous archive to change the videos after a certain time to neuzumachen /. The unkomprimerte AVI I want to delete to save space.

1) What format / codec / settings s.besten is suitable?

I've herumprobiert and the AVI with VirtualDub again compressed to AVI with codec Cinepack Of Rodius, 10 min. about 1GB, very bad quality
The same file I've synonymous with MPEG2 compressed to about 500 MB, looks much better, but I have not read the post with the MPEG2 will be so good.
If I still want to use MPEG2, which settings (; interlaced??, Upper lower field first, zweipass coding, only i-frames)

2) What format / codec / settings s.besten is suitable for a finished video.

've Always used WMV, should I stay here? Need it for Youtube, should therefore be quite small. If DIVX or H.264 or so should be something I can use it? Virtualdub and Ulead VideoStudio 11 have not. What should I download it?

Thank you!

Antwort von tommyb:

1) Cinepak dates from the last millennium, and really good for nothing.

Your material is likely to be progressive (; throw the AVI in VirtualDub and look at whether there are times the interlace artifacts on moving - where progressive) does not =>.

You can either compress it with the opensource DV codec Cedocida "DV. The 720x576 is your material already. However, I would be careful with the 25 fps. Most likely, your unspecified video glasses make 30 frames. Ie, they will be changed accordingly of Video Studio (;) probably was blinded to unsightly artefacts (; sg = ghost ghosting may result in formation).

Alternatively, you can take synonymous codecs like XviD or DivX. This will (should be set to Quantizer compression, specifically XviD) and in secondary options should Keyframerate (; maximum I-frame interval) (to be set as low as possible, eg, 10). Otherwise you will later have to cut the very very long wait at the starting of individual items of the video. B-frames should be synonymous way off. If they do not correctly use an average of just asking for trouble.

2) You DivX you can download with divx.com. The opensource version, but XviD works faster, is (more difficult to configure and there are many tutorials) and may offer better quality.

The videos that you upload to YouTube of the quality should be top, because YouTube compresses it again. According to the principle of "shit in, shit out" are already heavily compressed files after re-compression Nocht by YouTube "ugly".

Detailed technical specifications you'll find yourself on YouTube

And no, WMV is not a solution.

Antwort von FPV86:

"TommyB" wrote:

Your material is likely to be progressive (; throw the AVI in VirtualDub and look at whether there are times the interlace artifacts on moving - where progressive) does not =>.

Thanks for the quick and professional response!

Nevertheless, I still have questions:
I have attached a Picture of the recording, the frame is the worst I could find quickly (and, except, of course, interference by the radio transmission)
Is that a combing or ghosting due to incorrect fps (; 25 instead of 30). Or is it because I have the raw material 640x480 with 720x576 included? If it was caused by interlacing, choose upper or lower field first?

The video eyewear is a fatshark RCV922, compatible with PAL and NTSC. There is nothing in the Instructions of the fps, I suspect that it reflects with 25 fps for PAL.

I have installed now, and XVid Cedocida, which brings me Cedocida in my question 1)? Therefore, it is good because it is the same format as the camcorder and record it as this is compatible XVid? Or has it otherwise so synonymous with the processing advantages?

Thank you!

Antwort von tommyb:

Your screenshot is for interlaced material. However, this can be synonymous with the transformation using Ulead VideoStudio be created.

Play it in VLC starting times, put the deinterlacer to bobbing. Ifs it looks ok and going well, then it is ok and you can leave it like that.

Cedocida is a freeware DV codec. What one thus encoded is then s.Kompatibelsten to the editing programs out there. XviD creates smaller files, but can prepare for interlaced material is a little difficulty with the quality.

Antwort von FPV86:

"TommyB" wrote:
Your screenshot is for interlaced material. However, this can be synonymous with the transformation using Ulead VideoStudio be created.

Play it in VLC starting times, put the deinterlacer to bobbing. Ifs it looks ok and going well, then it is ok and you can leave it like that.

If I come first open the file in VLC "This AVI file is corrupted. The search will not work correctly. I then click on Do not Fix ".

During setting of "video deinterlacing Bob" is only played over the sound. Hence, when capturing by Ulead VideoStudio 11 wrong? Should I start with VirtualDub?

Antwort von tommyb:

It is not necessarily wrong, but when the program you do not know of course what happens with the material in the background.

If you have the ability to capture with VirtualDub, then you can take it. Can be synonymous directly in DV encoding using Cedocida.

Antwort von FPV86:

Ok, I will capture views with VirtualDub.

I do not want to encode in DV but since my 3.6 MB / sec. are too large.
XVid with Quantizer Level 2 is suitable for me. The settings I've found here: http://encodingwissen.de/xvid/vfw-konfig.html
In addition, I still take the deinterlace filter with settings of Virtual Dub "blend".
In the final video, I will take level 6
Since I have when editing the video, I had no problems staying with Xvid. Is better than WMV :-)

Thanks again!

Antwort von FPV86:

Have now made Virtual Dub and for capturing the video is also interlaced. Is used for video transmission seems imperative to report as synonymous others away. But I will stay with Ulead VideoStudio 11 at Virtual Dub as jerky even with uncompressed recording the video. When VideoStudio fit.

Here's a REAL deinterlacing program for Virtual Dub: Alparysoft deinterlacing filter, see the comparison images on

Probably the best deinterlacing filter that actually looks better than "smart deinterlacer. I am thrilled!

When I get a transmission dropouts Tonversatz (; dropped frames), which I do not wegbekomme synonymous with Virtual Dub, as it increases over the whole video (and more and more dropouts). Even when capturing with VirtualDub the various settings helped (nothing like audio sync to adapt to -schneller/langsamer video)

3 hours, I tried to install the LAME MP3 encoder, but somehow would not work in spite of capture in other forums. Use, therefore, as it is synonymous with meaningful
Item 1) with Stage 2 Xvid
"DV Audio - PAL" with 211 kbit / s compression of Cedocida

Item 2) Xvid with level 6
MP3 with 192kbit / s CBR in Ulead VideoStudio 11 here is (; probably Fraunhofer license)

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