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Frage von -ssSonyY-:


I now exactly a file captured in Sony Vegas 7.0
(; HDV, continuously filmed, length about 45 minutes ...)

And when I've looked at the file it was exactly 3.99 GB and only about 21 minutes ..

I have the Vide again captured and it also remained at 3.99 GB and only about 21 minutes ...

Is not a big problem if not I would need for a multicam shot, where I would be the entire file rather than AN ...

Does anyone know the problem and maybe can help me ..?

Thank you, lg


Antwort von Marco:

The problem is probably not Vegas, but rather the partition of your hard drive. This is probably not formatted NTFS, but what they ought to be to write files bigger than 4 GB.



Antwort von -ssSonyY-:


so damn shit ne ;-)

FAT32 is the ...

now is a lot to me so clear. .


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