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Capturing mit 24 frames in AVID

Capture with 24 frames in AVID

Frage von Vince:
Mai 2006

Dear Forum,

in about one months I begin the work s.einem feature-length film, which is rotated at 35mm and with 24 frames per second. I would like to cut on the Avid and have noticed only now aghast in recent days that Avid Xpress Pro can despite all the wishy-washy-hints on her website (24p film tools "etc) do not digitize. You can edit it apparently only imported material.

Cut the film with 25 pictures, no question (Sound Department) is against it. Does anybody know if (not one with an existing software-only solutions, ie adrenaline or something somehow) a 24-Picture Project can actually edit, import play so synonymous Picture and Picture with sound again?

Or you have to wait for nor to the Media Composer version to appear in June? And does anybody know whether it will really about, or is it again s.end subject of this new mojo box?
And finally, someone has the schonmal made?

Thank you and best regards,

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

In Final Cut Pro, das Perhaps you would have a section for this place.

The material is scanned and recorded at 25fps on the calculator. Then you lay down in the sequence settings, a frame rate of 24fps and importierst the material.

Before you move to the sequence of this now, you have the framerate with the appropriate menu option of converting 25 to 24 fps.

Antwort von Vince:

Schleich Hi Michel,

synonymous here, many thanks for your answer, but I want to work in this case in no case with AppleScript. They're next in Comparison to Avid Xpress Pro, although in terms of 24/25-Problematik, but since I mastered Avid much better and I can not lose at the Project for a minute with Rumsuchen and trial and error, I want to stay in my familiar surroundings.
I am surprised only that a professional software such as Avid, this 24-frame feature so far has not considered at all in the cheaper versions. I guess I will digitize the material into a 25er project, import back then export a single image sequence, and then back into a 24er Project. But of course, take everything and is stressful.
Has anyone still a better idea?



Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Sure, I understand well that you will not want to work with Final Cut Pro. I know AVID hardly synonymous change jobs and would not just close to 12 times.

Then would be my only advice, perhaps tap over time, whether and how the respective scanning and copying works if you can possibly save the file as an AVI or Quicktime (depending on compatibility) in 24fps on hard drive.

Then would be the purchase of at least 2 hard disks for up and send along appropriate. The added advantage here is that the files are located on your box to cut rattenschnell.

Also conceivable would be a data transfer via DLT tape streamer. But that is really outdated (and rather slowly).

These methods (like any other synonymous), I would test for such a project in any case. Locking yourself with the copy book before briefly. There are definitely at least one person there who knows ANY online / offline editing method and All systems with all the advantages and disadvantages. If not, you should be suspicious.

Do not despair:)

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Incidentally ... Copy center of Baden-Baden? Some of the SWR? Times after reports of your experiences! All I know is that since all are quite nice.

Antwort von PowerMac:

How did you cut it before? Offline or DI?
I personally would cut directly into 1080PsF. The catch from copying works out. The only need to scan in HD and the same store on ne HD. Finished importing into Xpress Pro and.
Otherwise, let you enter just Quicktime files with 24p in PAL. With the time code, which you must vote on it. For the really easy as with the bands. It is now synonymous purely in Xpress Pro.

Antwort von Vince:

Hi Powermac and surreptitious Michel

Thanks for the answers. The copy is actually the work of SWR and of which I've previously only heard that they are not routinely with movie productions such as for example, Geyer and Arri. Aber mal gucken, is perhaps synonymous only Gossip of the people here in Berlin.
I would have never dared to ask if can send me the footage in any digital data format (on a hard drive or the like), but I was starting to get worried if copying to mini-DV may be too complicated for them. It indeed needs a big effort for copying his work, digitizing the data and then still synonymous in the right format so that I can open it - I can not imagine it, almost.
I cut the film in any case in PAL resolution, synonymous, I do not see the advantage of HD. Then I will send rough cuts permanent background on DVD and VHS, must, I must always ensure runterkonvertieren and the picture quality from the rough cut interest before anyone, as long as you can see the lips (synchronously) and eyes (wink).
Furthermore, since 2 months for new material generated each day, which is certainly not easy in HD too big a mountain of data.
The film is then scanned s.end in HD or 2K, etc, color corrected and then exposed on 35mm, a higher quality when cutting, then, is for naught if I understand it, s.end interest of only the EDL.
Probably will play the whole thing synonymous price of a role when a scanning directly into Quicktime format or something much more expensive, the production will probably flourish with his finger, hehe.
# Let's see.

Again, many thanks for the tips. I'll tell my Erlbnisse with the people from the SWR, I hope there really knows from one.


Antwort von PowerMac:

Just ask the Helga ...

The advantage of FDI is that it works directly with the original material. Something like EDL or negative cut list will be deleted. Once a scan (eg 2k or HD) and Fazen only once. This is cheaper than cutting list.

Clearly, this requires memory. I would cut genuine in 2k. Then you can at night with Directing, Camera and watch production, the Dailys. Live nem of HD with good projector. Thus far more than pleased with the camera man ner ne ... And HD-DVD DVD or DVCPRO HD to DVD is synonymous yes. (If not all can). In the future this will only be so ...

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

It is synonymous not a bad idea (and usually synonymous), of make the cut resulting from your EDL-cut list Pos-conform from the working copies, if that makes you.

I think it is synonymous milder to the original negative, of if the (possibly even Lichtbestimmten) working copy is scanned. Furthermore, one can improve on the working copy in every way to assess the material (which is the about the cameraman / woman is interested. The disturbing their way so that you enjoy today are still made little cost create working copies).

Anyhow ... if this "security" section is then removed so are the Negative as well as all potential sources of error eliminated.

@ PowerMac:

Why do you annoy me always (or why I COULD) annoy me forever!? :)

The advantage of FDI is that it works directly with the original material.

Naja. Original? :)

Once a scan (eg 2k or HD) and Fazen only once.

4K should already be in there, even if behind is professionally developed in 2K.

Clearly, this requires memory.

Not only that, my friend!

Live nem of HD with good projector.

I think Vince would then have opened no thread. Then the production would have made him probably an AVID suite with golden Scrubbingwheels and some tasty cakes in hot pants as assistants.

Thus far more than pleased with the camera man ner DVD ...

But less than with a working copy.

In the future this will only be so ...

That is something to it ...

Antwort von Vince:

Once again thank you both for replies.

Meanwhile, I'm with those contacted and it has rausgestellt itself: the copy center in Baden-Baden can only palpation on DigiBeta, BetaSP or VHS (!) So, unfortunately, nothing with FDI, etc.
And as far as the cameraman's Delight: the rotation takes place in Azerbaijan, that means the whole time director and cameraman in the next distance, and I'm in the editing room all alone. Wiegesagt enough to cut me a sharp SD picture (this is already a luxury, if you fall in to "AVR-3 'times zurückerinnert) and s.Set probably do not have the infrastructure to be regarded as HD material (in Azerbaijan is supposed to have been rotated) for ages no longer feature film.

I am not sure if it works in 2K or 4K really cheaper than offline, and then there's ne cut list, sooo cheap fast hard disks are now so synonymous or not. And I continue to believe that the image quality in the editing phase, anyone really interested, as long as you can see everything. Especially when it synonymous later this irritating 24-Picture-simulated stop-frame appears once per second.

But one thing is certain: the next production, I allow myself to all cases, a golden Scrubbingwheels AVID suite with a few tasty cakes and hot pants as assistants contractually guarantee! Hehe.

Again thanks for the info, and Gruss,


PS: Again, the fundamental problem: I have now heard of an Avid reseller in HH that Xpress Pro s.Version 5 in conjunction with the Mojo synonymous can capture in a 24p project, if only synonymous 14:1 s. Can anyone confirm?
Avid other hand, has written back to me that neither you nor the new digitalis Xpress Media Composer software in 24p projects, what happens to me but very funny. I suspect that your own Programs can not correct. If it really were so, so a bankruptcy would be the same statement. I'm not quite sure, but probably now even iMovie 24p.

Antwort von andjana:

Anyone who makes such stupid questions will never get cut assistants in hot pants ... Pies in the face maybe. [Beleidigung the mod deleted]

Antwort von PowerMac:

I had to laugh!

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