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Frage von Rico07:


I would like consoles gameplay videos of various records, mostly xbox 360 and ps3, which have both HDMI as synonymous yuv. I tend to hdmi honest here because the quality of aufnamen will probably want to be better, but I like to leave the option open to yuv ....... the output can be modified for both consoles right configure exactly what resolution and hz synonymous terms.

the only products that I could find to put this would Blackmagic Design Intensity and Intensity Pro Shuttle, now I would like to know, are these products really Suitable for mistaken or I, what it is to be set on my plan and what software would be s.besten on the products of Black Magic Design?

It would also chon if someone could even say something to the Intensity and Intensity Pro Shuttle to me the entaxheiden between two or any other vorgeschagenmen to facilitate product, the test for the Intensity Pro, I have read, but here I have not, unfortunately, the situation comparable to the to assess objectively.

I would be happy to answer:)



Antwort von intelll:

Good morning,
HDMI outputs of games consoles are copy-protected (HDCP).
No HDMI capture card can record something legal!
HD Component is analog receivable, brings relatively
large files, eg in Motion JPEG codec (70 Mbit data rate)


Antwort von Frank B.:

Look possibly synonymous times this unit:

The right to advertise, to process signals of Game Consoles, to be able to. However, only in HDV (1440x1080). This, however, mostly from perfect.


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