Infoseite // Capturing with a graphics card?

Frage von serpico:

Now I would like to know whether one views a vga card with a good or very good quality when capturing preserves the boldness? I have a 3D Labs Wildcat II 5110 graphics card!


Antwort von GhostDog:

Your Wildcat has no description for EIngang ....

And I have so far had no GraKa in his hands, the Videotechnisch
is available .. Perhaps archiving to work, no, never.

One exception, Matrox Rainbow Runner, but the latest in a Calculator
set is used as a whiplash, to enter door ":)

Look dear, as you asked in another thread, after ner
cheap Firewire card (with TI chip, about 30 ¬) and perhaps even
If necessary after nem converters, as ADVC50/100/110 or Terratec Cameo

mfg chmee


Antwort von Markus:


for your request (capturing in good to very good quality), there are PCI cards with a focus on video editing: The video card. ;-)

Alternatively, you can use a synonymous external A / D converter endeavor, such as the


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