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Autodrifts im Schnee filmen

Car in the snow drifts film

Frage von aight8:
Dezember 2010

I would soon shoot a commercial. A car is to make a few drifts in the snow. Here I am filming of various foreign perspectives interior shots as well. For the outdoor shots I try to take before dusk.

However, we have much snow in the moment. the bumper is black as a more head.

I fear that is hidden under snow much of the car.

Do you have any tips to prevent quality recordings? post-production is in there too.

Antwort von nico:

Ever heard of manual exposure?

Antwort von david2:

The dynamic range for video is because, unfortunately, hopelessly overwhelmed. So Dehen either on film ;-) or brighten up the car with lights and reflectors; - so no easy task ...

Good luck anyway.

Antwort von aight8:

I am thinking because of the contrast range. as a black car in the snow is white but swallowed up without mercy. for which I am afraid. so that the car too little in the "spotlight" position.

@ David2:
I've thought of as synonymous. However, we could use the headlights of the other cars .. and containing more likely to turn the evening.

Antwort von david2:

Right, good idea. However, headlights are not very suitable, since it too dark, too funny light (before frost) and are not really mobile. Looks funny but definitely out - with car light ...

Antwort von aight8:

hehe funny. luminosity will surely be better than the zündhölchen I have always with you. the position can be well controlled in the vertical synonymous;) with what you mean funny, I now understand not. But the paper back of my mama will prevent hot spots and hopefully help to a more even light.

by the way, how many watts and type of which have normally flood light cars on both sides?

Antwort von gekkonier:

"How much light do we need s.Set?"
"2x Xeon and 2x normal remote and 1x normal low beam"

hihiii scnr .... stupid punch here.

Antwort von Jott:

A black car you can not just brighter, the contrast range problem remains. Other car company. Perhaps no white.

Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

and think s.den trouble with the police when you can see that the synonymous right there - see

Antwort von domain:

Exposure is no problem: Automatic with a half or an entire Aperture plus.
In a car, turn on the headlights and turn off the ESP, or PSM. Transaxle, mid-engine or rear engine is probably synonymous duty. What did you do for a car?

Antwort von B.DeKid:


Regarding. Vimeo Video

Full Honk! Un film the people with the mobile phone synonymous full Honk!

It would have been cool if the people would have knocked down, you see a lot of splinter bones, he then in 2 - 3 cars parked there the grid to s.Schluss a mother and your 2 year old child what's degree from the Supermatkt - on the roof closes horror - still synonymous umholzt - THE VIDEO WAS WOULD BE NEN VALUE!

Incl. the cause of the passers-running the driver who was slightly injured and play dead s.Ort occurs!

Something and something is just filmed!

.................................................. ..........

Available for as full post no better places than NEN occupied supermarket parking lot?

If we are with the cross-machine have been practicing, we went to ash playground have the warden past 10 - gedrückkt in hand and there will wheelies, drifting, and Stoppies practiced on it if you practice well this beeen at clay court makes where no one and you can fall stürt wonderfully on the mouth when you slide away.

One learns all synonymous and synonymous only endanger themselves and their machines.

On public roads should not be implemented by the then umbedingt. Even if you exercise after NEN few years, virtually synonymous with no front wheel drive could ;-) * insider *

I plediere particularly with younger people do, on closed courses such "hobbies" to go to.

And besides "man strapped for used tires" on.

Most of them are the people that under normal traffic conditions make sick "console games" simply zero plan - with skill, the rarest in the cases to do something.

Although some believe as a race driver would do such a thing all day, so I can only say that is not so!

I mean I am going not synonymous with nerve gas gas ne cell phone up just because I could create in theory!

/ OT

Antwort von B.DeKid:

So un now what the actual topic


Search for times ERLKÖNIG images sometimes synonymous EXIF files are attached (eg, see the whole car threads on DSLR Forum de)

Makes the shots about 1 1 / 2 hours before dark.

Weiss align alignment s.dem snow

If you have only to cars to illuminate NEN section then that is ok then it must / should be addressed depending on the desired effect of the balance to be White on one of the headlights level off.

Whether the car is black or pink no one interested.

The video material may represent the degrees of black hard is logical but does nothing.

Never make films - not stand s.der Cam - too much risk it.

Zoom ran something so that more space between you and the drifting object is located. See How To shot a lot of tutorials regarding SM, drift racing, MTB Downhill, Skateboard.
The camera is never really directly s.ner curve or nerve Slidebar.

B. DeKid

Think maybe if the whole joke worthwhile.

Antwort von domain:

Since you're right as DeKid.
At a public traffic area is not the time. But that's what their own spin rates various organizers.
Even an empty parking lot in front of a supermarket s.Sonntag is totally inadequate and not designed well and there is usually synonymous with the traffic regulations. In addition to other trouble need only note the car number and someone in the supermarket management holds harmless the polluter pays the costs for the removal of the Protestant black bars on the well-groomed and hopefully salt according parking.

Antwort von marwie:

Slightly OT:
"Domain" wrote:
Transaxle, mid-engine or rear engine is probably synonymous duty. What did you do for a car?

Why should the duty? Even with front engine without Transaxale can easily drift on snow. The advantage is dependent rear-wheel drive or four-wheel, but synonymous with front wheel drive and use the hand brake is this

Antwort von B.DeKid:


Sorry domain
I are extremely excited to such things.

I've let people in the synonymous acquaintances / friends who do not teach this regard. Unfortunately these are no "pros" because as such they would not be such a driving lay s.den day.

Since "is the drive on the rear wheel" of a motorcycle copied, they get about 1 - 2 Tips from .... and what happens - they try it - 10 m to go far - slip away and slam into other cars (or standing)

* Everything * to happen

A good friend of me and synonymous driving instructor - who was himself a serious accident because it provided jostle of was so nem "innocents" to it to overthrow a comb and it is hard and I hurt my with consequential - although he has to court more instances (the driver was the son of a lawyer) collects donated and good for pain and suffering ... but with one leg is no longer optional in the pool as the day almost 10 Jaqhre later looks like.

Also reported this, he has more and more learner drivers the apparently confused with the real life of a console.

When Skateboard and BMXfahren and as paintball is all much more comfortable - there are newbies and my "Sure I know I can - try and go with Aua home and look for NEN" kick out "This is abeer in designated places and. naja halt because it interested anyone.

Evil is only known when I tell police officers or firefighters of accidents where Unbeteiligete trauma, have been difficult or even umkammen.

I want to stop this particular young people only to make understandable - I was myself - that on 2 wheels - always NEN slob but I never consciously tried to make any faxes on the road.


As seen at 2:26 is one of my favorite crashes, which is on one of the Miami Zoo videos .... I mean these are indeed professionals, but in fact is a large part of more stunts Illegal and who is around a few other crashes paying attention such as high lifts a motorcycle when it comes to fall, should think of your look how this ends when the oncoming traffic is thrown and lands in the windshield of a car!

People - once again - so what's not fun that's more dangerous.

Who drifting cars break out views "dissolve" as the crowds at Rally Ferihegy or NEN few times Isle of Man TT videos look will understand this!

Films but rather ... what do I know ... Porn ... because if something goes wrong, the cameraman gets sprayed only on the lens,-P

B. DeKid

/ OT

Antwort von aight8:

ne, for God's sake. I turn on an empty parking space!

hey it is all about people not about the drifts. make a few friends, have been under control.

I now make out of it I would spot a little. except for a good tripod and a head light, we have no more stable. systems or lights.

now I would still make the best out of it, what will certainly go!

I said. behind us is a tank which is always empty synonymous emits some light. for the atmospheric 1-2, we can auto floodlight diffuser film with a little determination to bring in the matter.

the car drive away is not really much as shown on the videos. is more on-position with minimal start up.

But what distinguished the video, the editing, music and of course a cool act. Time: Approximately 1.5 minutes.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Then turning as many as possible settings.

Makie - which is a snow-NEN bissel doof is NEN Start point and ne "drift region" are cut so that the shots in the final easier.

It is important that you have enough material to convey it through the intersection more action.

I think if you do nen da 2 hours few dozen takes in the box then you'll have the process well.

B. DeKid

Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

The guy with the Ferrari's of professional racing driver!

Before he made on a closed course in his suits because the police had problems with. The parking lot was empty except for persons involved.
And those were some outtakes, it was only a short take of vorbeischlitternden cars desired, not more.

But even with cracked, it was not even his car, nor to have smoked the tires after all it was nice, cold outside.

Antwort von B.DeKid:


@ IMac27_edmedia

Jo is ok yes, but one might have to get across the NEN still little better!

The Parplatz which is clear as such defenierbar's just a crappy location.

If is the "driver" has been synonymous of me declared as "Honk," because empty beeen at the airport or the like could have caught the better. He then goes on NEN empty parking lot is just not dolle Sun
He would have to because Briing better ideas.


who so what it can can make the purely synonymous according to the theory on the normal road> see Miami Zoo Crew.


So someone can be synonymous with NEM or NEM Micra moped ;-))


So I've already had the police for example, have only controlled my bike - it would even go so / could - because they're so "wet" made ;-)

If I go once was just jealous of the police in the specific case and vacate the driver then the location had to ;-))

B. DeKid

PS: The machine with which I drove until now synonymous s.schnellsten were synonymous never mine - why, because I have small dirt mills stand on which it quickly to 100 are not so high in the final speed. That suits me better ;-))

/ OT

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"IMac27_edmedia" wrote:
The guy with the Ferrari's of professional racing driver!


This is nothing! One is born, if all - can learn something limited -!)

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