Infoseite // Cartoni e-FOC ENG2D-MS-T for the EX1R suitable?

Frage von Guido02:

does anyone have this with the Stativset Cartoni focus 10 fluid head and it is recommended for EX1R? The specified load should the SonyEX1R fit well. I see an alternative to the Manfrotto tripods with 503 or 504HD video head.

Best regards


Antwort von newsart:

We use the Cartonis with our EX1en for the VJ-shoot. The tripod and the head is excellent for the price and much better than the Manfrotto solutions. This is my very subjective opinion. A disadvantage of the Tripod. The lock mechanism from the tripod plate stands, when the plate is solved. If you forget the manual lever then falls over and lock the tripod is transported or hard, breaks off the lever. In rent, or loan, I would not use it therefore.


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