Infoseite // Change of DVD-ROM drive with Panasonic DVD / HDD video recorders.

Frage von CUPSI:

gibit there any problems or negative experiences, if you implement the DVD drive on a Panasonic recorder?
Background: The drive no longer recognizes more and more DVD media in the drive. Also a cleaning of the drive with a special SäuberungsDVD helps only briefly a few days. The dealer advised me to repair Panasonic (; replacing the DVD drive) or for purchase. (; Both cost well over 100, - ¬)
A mechanically and electrically suitable drive (; IDE-type) costs in stores but less than 50, - ¬, so that an exchange is close to a PC service.
There may difficulties with the software of the recorder, which must be yes pilot a new drive?


Antwort von tommyb:

Possibly. it will not work, that the main unit could consider synonymous happy times for the ID of the drive. Does not match this, the thing is not even activated.

You can do it so try and save money and spend it if necessary. If it does not come from works, then there are well over 100 Euro + 50 Euro for the correct drive.


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