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Frage von phili_boy:


I have a huge problem with Premiere Pro.
If I want to export a movie, the sequence in the Project window is full screen and normal source files synonymous full screen, 320 x 240, it is much smaller for exports, that is about the size, if in the Windows Media Player selects display 50%. .
I exported to the test in Premiere 6 a film with the same Qellvideos and exact same settings, here the problem does not exist. Premiere Pro with this error would be useless for me.
Please help fast!



Antwort von Nightfly!:

What have you got selected for the project settings?



Antwort von wrunge:

That is likely D1/DV Ntsc 16:2 (1.2)

But that would only lead to distorting the video is displayed. But it is so small .....


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