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Billig Camcorder bis 200€?

Cheap camcorder to 200 ¬?

Frage von Brotwurst:
Dezember 2010


I am currently on the search for a cheap digital camcorder to 200 ¬
Serves as an extension to my expensive Sony, which is me frankly far too good for some things. So for a quasi "here are just always"

My biggest problem is that I'm here is limited to 2 online stores.
Baur and once again neckermann (the first I'd prefer)

Too many demands put s.das device not me.
Most important to me would be that he does not synonymous indoor daylight still usable shots.
Something like Night Shot ® would be nice, but need not.

Besides these should come out into a format that understands my Adobe Premiere.

I would be the quality of video and audio iphone4 already enough here.

I need not much zoom (4x optical).
But a few Masen useful wide angle would be of advantage (synonymous here again I'll give the iPhone 4 as orientation)

The focus should be like a little slower.

The quality of my photos is absolutely no preference, but I got my D80.
The thing is to record only really quite dull videos.

Tripod socket must not be synonymous available.
Battery life, all over a 1.5 hours is acceptable.

Currently, the two stores my favorite is the Samsung SC-F400.

Although I am considering whether on not one of the "flat model" would be almost better mobility for the purpose.

I would grudgingly pay another 250 ¬ synonymous, but for this you have to give me already a good reason ;-)

I hope for enlightenment:)

Regards, Andreas

Addendum: Oh yes, he must somewhere synonymous hinspeichern yet. SD was there my first choice.

Antwort von B.DeKid:


Antwort von Brotwurst:

Sicherheitscheff Vulcans and the USS Voyager.
I knew that the cameras down at all?

Antwort von tommyb:

Ne, ne. The content of the messages of bread has nothing to do with the sausage diarrhea Shake of Tuvok. There's almost too clear.

@ Bread Sausage
Why are you limited to only two shops?

Neckermann shops like do not necessarily competitive Prices (unless it be dead stock sold off).

Camcorders usually have up to 200 ¬. not a very good performance. Perhaps the following models would be interesting for you:

Panasonic HM-TA1
Sanyo VPC-CS1
Sanyo Xacti VPC-SH1


The Sanyo cameras could be quite interesting, especially the pistol version (I myself once started years ago with the very first model - very horny part, always had in his pocket).

Generally you have to be careful with cameras, however, that they turn synonymous with 25 or 50 frames. Many of these cameras make 30 ode 60 frames - that is with your Sony-Camera only partially compatible (unless they make random synonymous 30/60 frames).

Antwort von Brotwurst:

The with Tuvok I raff not quite.
Is this a user or a bad code word? ;-)

I have to pay unfortunately the camera to 4-6 rates.
For both, I am a customer for years and there is no problem.

Yes I know I am paying up paying extra, but I have to buy new laser and NEN Dichros and Gratings .....
Since the cash is running out ;-)

I realize that I can do at 200 ¬ no big jumps, since my tripod head has already cost more.
But I want a camera with which I do not break out in tears when she runterplumpst. And the other times I can be synonymous in the hand to get without some concern.

The with the frames I had considered not at all, thanks for the hint.
Although I currently ausschlieslich ever footage of "small" with the "great" zusammenzuwursten. But you never looking.

The Sanyo Xacti VPC-SH1 looks interesting.

What about the smaller model with the Xacti VPC-CG EX 100?

I've just stumbled upon the still synonymous SonyMHS-PM5K.
A format similar like a little overfed phone.
Where I know not what to think of games such as this 360 ° Lens / Mirror ....
Whether there again s.anderen ends too much was saved. That always makes me skeptical.

As I said in my practice humility.
Not that I s.Ende yet again spend more than planned:)

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Bread Sausage" wrote:
The ... with Tuvok I do not raff so completely ... Is this a user or a bad code word? ...

Both, actually ;-) The "Tuvok" non-volcanic origin has been known for years active in many online forums - and probably in almost as many forums locked - Troll, which is noticeable among other things, its oversized posts. He manages, in one breath more questions in the style of "Why is the RAW format is better than a tripod?" raise can be answered as two books and each is demonstrated so well-intentioned attempt to explain compared to super-resistant. If you ever want to see a lot of time and have confirmed your doubt that the man should be a rational being, then after Tuvok googel contributions across the Internet: a few hours between head-shaking fits of laughter and you are safe.

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