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Cheap-camera recordings upgrade

Frage von ennui:
Januar 2011

Cheaper Auto camcorder have so often the problem that

Is edge-sharpened artificially stressed /
-Tonal and "crushed blacks" / too hard contrasts
White Balance

What it is it possible to "remove" in the post relatively lossless again, and how? WB and contrast can be changed later so very good, but to lay on the artificial sharpening a Gaussian blur, or normal, does not even necessarily the "correct" picture before sharpening again - right? And how is it the other way around, after sharpening is not synonymous, the same as in the camera before the compression - or? Experiences?

Antwort von Replay:

The in-camera sharpening can not disappear afterwards. Sharpened break is equivalent to a total loss.

An incorrect WB can however be easily corrected. Dynamics barely missing. What is over-exposed to or completely open, is lost.

Which Camera is the issue? The 2010 Panasonic raise, for example, by default properly to synonymous, but this can be off by default. Similarly, the rather cool colors.

Sometimes applying s.komprimiertem material but hand must of course be encoded again. So it is through the re-compression loss. Depending on the quality of the starting material, a difference can be seen.

Antwort von ennui:

Address very cheap CMOS cameras like Kodak's automatic sport, or Flip Mino ZX1 etc. In good light, the so usually better than its reputation, and if the reference older simple MiniDV cameras and lands are the result of post-processed on DVD, It may look great - except for the edge enhancement precisely.

But the problem may even occur strong edges at all the cameras more or less where you can not adjust the sharpening in the menu like the DVX100 or 7D. I would indeed really interest me, what (can) make the Manufacturer as s.Bildabstimmung, or whether one could somehow hack into the firmware. My dream camera would be right now something like a Kodak ZX1, so super-Basic and small but with an image vote without sharpening, a "flat", "Picture Style", the option of manual setting of shutter speed / ISO, and s.Besten still a CCD - sensor. And to further define the direction or zoom Q3HD Tascam DR07. Would technically everything. But probably never will be, except a Chinese marketing manager of a no-name company with reading this, and want to try something completely different.

Antwort von Replay:

Those who do not or only veeery subtle nachschärft is Sony. And the warm colors tend to be based s.Velvia look. This produces very pleasant to seeing pictures. What was next to the high quality codec of the main reason that I am after about 15 years Panasonic Sony changed.

Well, dream camera. Do not exist and they must build themselves. Then you have your dream camera, but other people would curse the thing. The ultimate camera for every user, it is synonymous never exist. How to decide synonymous - there is always a compromise somewhere.

Look at times but the SonyCX115 at (320 ¬). Which is small, has a very good codec, not stalking around in the Picture, is already running with the included standard battery is very long and has a filter thread. The sound is synonymous properly. Or wait for the next successor in March. This is then the CX130. The even has a microphone jack and can 1080p50. For 450 ¬ the thing will be pretty unique.

The Sony, in addition to HD synonymous extremely good SD.

Antwort von ennui:

Ok, to solder the dream camera itself, or synonymous only the chip to replace an existing time flat, utopian, and not economical. Finally, the mirror was even a report where someone is even just a toaster "invented" out of basic materials such as metal, etc. built (after). Was a huge effort for months and did not work even then.

Slightly different is the firmware but with the software. In the Magic Lantern firmware so you can see what all goes on as in MP3 players, there was the synonymous times, I think was called Rockbox. Or Ipod / Iphone ...

I imagine just now quite naively, that, say, the Kodak camera bag ZX1 at boot only some preferences file loads. WB to auto, edge enhancement algorithm to x%, so and contrast, exposure time car: in the stands. And now I would instead like 2 WB-presets artificial light and daylight have the exposure time as a value adjustment, edge enhancement "from" and contrasts "low". Of course, it's probably a bit more complicated, but not at all impossible. If one was lucky, there would be some hex values, the man with the hex editor to change the firmware. The hardware is usually done quite ok, or could be more, and the restrictions and requirements are rather patronizing product policy and marketing. I mean synonymous remind me that someone in such a pocket camcorder once installed Tetris. There should 3200/5600 ° - presets or manual exposure not be a problem. Possibly. would indeed still synonymous 25p, etc.

Did not even synonymous Project an open-source alternative to the RED Camera?

Antwort von Replay:

The with the DIY of a camera is only hypothetical, of course, so forget that one can fairly.

Sure you could pimp with a corresponding firmware, according to Kodak. However, the target group of such a camera is just the sharp-Grell-colored fraction of "correct" Shooting does not have in mind.

And since we have exactly the conflict. I meant that the camera would be your dream, other people (the actual target group) would curse the thing. Which it would not be sharp colorful bright enough. And anyway - what setting? Ugh.

If you ask such claims s.eine Camera, You do not belong to the target group. And prefer because of three people on this planet who do such a camera, but at the same time a natural picture impression, no such camera is wheeled out. And manual settings are garnix of focus-Grell-ferrous fraction.

Your claims to the Picture of Sony are operating. But only synonymous with the right camcorder, not with the Bloggie parts (Sony cameras like the Kodak).

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