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Frage von voller_mond:


I would like to buy myself next to my Canon XL1s now a very cheap camcorder. This should serve only as a setter at the drive of the expensive Canon spared.

Good would be cheap if the camcorder would have a DV-IN synonymous, so that I could loop through the Picture during the cutting directly to the television (Monitor section). Supposedly, there's Canon of such a device for around 300 euros. Does anyone notice?

Can anyone advise me to have a camcorder?

As I said, Optics etc. is absolutely no preference, I just need the drive as a setter and the possibility durchzuschleifen the Picture directly on the television during the cut.

LG, your

"voller_mond" Frederick


Antwort von Jan:


na if you want to stay with Canon, outputs of the new 2006-spec MV 960 - I would not recommend, however, too expensive and no S-video (I know not whether you have s.Television's). In the 2005 the best, the Canon MV 830 i (to 2005 threw more light in simple consumer market - all of Canon's consumer (to XM 2) i would have had models of DV + AV IN / OUT.

Steps were synonymous, the even older MV 700 I / 730 i / 750 i or MV 600 i / 630 i / 650 i

Sonyist with DV in a little more expensive - perhaps HC 22 or older to Panasonic, the same is true.

Might have with the JVC GR D 270 A tip. Look what you get for what the above price.



Antwort von voller_mond:

"Jan" wrote: In the 2005 the best, the Canon MV 830 i would (...) all Canon's consumer (to XM 2) i models had DV + AV IN / OUT. (...) Might have with the JVC GR D 270 A Tip. Look what you get for what the above price.

Hey! Booyah! Thank you!

Yes, the Canon MV 830 i I get about 327 euros, the JVC GR D 270 to 283 Euro!

Now that I have at my local dealer nor a credit for 150 euros, I'm going there tomorrow to order the JVC, it meets all the criteria I need!

Thank s.Dich Jan, just like in the purchase of my Canon XL1s me your tips have helped a lot!
I hope I can soon be synonymous' views of me to present material and herumraunzen not only with technical issues:) * wink *

LG, your "voller_mond" Frederick


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