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Frage von Jan:
Juli 2007


somehow I feel the forum trifftet the last time something, especially with regard to consumer issues betrift. The contributions are partly
of sense, partly useless for the asker, I will now not be excluded because when every day the same questions heard, then there ever ine crisp answer - take it! Wilde detailed comparisons, the most complete of Neuuser way.

Somehow it would be desirable that there is only a few contributions of the cameras were, but "Crispy" are - where a large number of Slashcam can bring their knowledge, without lasting only briefly to aspic.

Can we not somehow under the categories such as Panasonic, then sub-categories such as 1 CCD and 3 CCD, or model groups (HDD, DVD and MiniDV) lane or makes too much trouble?

Somehow I read everyone! Minimum 4 days Beitrage (partly in other words) ala:

Questions about the general-GS 60
Comparison GS-60 GS with 80
Comparison GS-80 GS with 60
-Comparison with GS 230 GS 320
- Comparison GS 80 to GS 230

How to designate a multitude of little but always the same question papers, where synonymous since then a search
for a Neuuser brings nothing, because he gets little digestion, if times a thread again after 1 Question with 3 free meaningful answers "closed" has been synonymous slumbers somewhere really continue making thread - but you first must find!

This leads then synonymous to the most user Slashcam not all contributions can read, some are unanswered. When I left Page s.Tag consider it, it's nice that so much is being asked, but not later than 10 posts later, another user asked almost the same!

Even more to the search, only at 3 numbers & letters, I come to a search result, eg if I SonyHC 96 eintipe, I come to 90% on a Sony thread, but certainly not for a HC 96 statement, you can change this somehow?

Sony User contributions must then be forever looking round at the Sony large folders according to their contribution to the HC xx looking for (unless you have the good fortune not HC 23 Someone writes HC23 but ....

Pana users have it easier, the majority of cameras are three!


Antwort von Thilo:

"Jan" wrote:
... Can we not somehow under the categories such as Panasonic, then sub-categories such as 1 CCD and 3 CCD, or model groups (HDD, DVD and MiniDV) lane or makes too much trouble ...

That would be nice!

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Anonymous" wrote:
"Jan" wrote:
... then sub-categories such as 1 CCD and 3 CCD, or model groups (HDD, DVD and MiniDV) ...

That would be nice!

Whether that would be really nice? I think this leads to more confusion, ambiguity, confusion and double posts. Where should because then the questions as "Panasonic GS80 or GS320 - Which is better?" or "Will a DVD camcorder or advise her to MiniDV me?" out?

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von AndyZZ:

Since the majority ask guests not in any trouble, the search function to use, sometimes within the forum search or read the FAQs, the pearls before swine.

Antwort von Markus:


more sections should actually not exist. On the contrary, it should again be less. New user confused the multiplicity and this leads to continuously identical multiple postings. In addition, there is hardly a meaningful structure, as the question (s) are often several areas.

To recurring issues with a meeting of the link to answer, I have some discussions in the Favorites stored. In this way, all synonymous-GS60-vs.GS80 questions to one and the same discussion will be linked.

And when a questioner not bother making a Council / link to follow, then I can not help him synonymous. Vorverdauen does not; questioners are not a baby bird! ;-)

Antwort von Jan:

Ich hab mir mal halt many contributions of 2004-2006 again read.
Somehow I found the Nivaeu was higher, there was less
"rumgesülzt". Now are 60 posts for a camera, but these are intended 30 to forget. It does not stop the mass. I would not because now users do badly. Somehow the Neuuser gather it is not synonymous, and must be permanently the same questions, although the already determined s.gleichen days of one user has been answered.

Slashcam mutates just somewhere to meet Laber number 1 in Germany - in terms of cameras so you have to Google directly to us. Ist ja schön if successful.

Well - if not.


Antwort von camworks:

ich seh's similar, jan.

Antwort von Thilo:

The camera is growing and reached new audiences other than in the past.
And more and more people have access to the network.
Previously there were more freaks and the inventors to share their insights selbsterarbeiteten they have, today it is much more "pure users".
You can see the clock is not reset ...

Antwort von camworks:

wants that synonymous None, I think only the centenary of meaningless thread about the gs-xxx boring. ists and to seek annoying.

Antwort von aha!:

In this forum is precisely the issue the "A"!
For this to be synonymous again repeat questions!

A forum has the sense to be with "people" exchange
it should not be a database (search) will be!

The Hobbyfilmerei has thanks to the advanced technology and
because of the PC era has increased, so this is synonymous
Forum and the user is always changing, the "old times" nachtrauern makes little sense :-)

If an "ordinary user" contributions to the Senkel go
he may still be happy "about to read "......

Antwort von RK:

Markus yes, because what you have stimulated ... but everything is eigendlich wesendliche on this subject has been said. A forum such as this, which I very much appreciate, lives of questioner and this aspect is endscheidend without problems and questions s.die who should know (we are smarter every day) is freedom of expression and the way to solve problems endscheidend. That sometimes the horses go through is just as I see it, quite normal.
And if man slept on a night has man then asks what I have since written for a crap, or how Adenauer always used to say, what interested me the estimated of yesterday "
In this sense, read it like it eat, it's OK
Reinhold Kaufmann

Antwort von Jan:

I see the same today as in the opening thread, I'm not bad-tempered synonymous.

Through the masses s.Beiträgen you really synonymous little time to help all users, because unfortunately, sometimes every day, wild combinations of cameras will be posted, I have just left - we have already FX 7 (HDV) vs XL2 (DV) yesterday VX 2000 vs FX 1, the day before yesterday
VX 2100 vs. XL 1S, PD 150 vs. VX 1000 etc., mostly pointless comparisons of fundamentally systems like vs. Convertible SUV in the car division, unfortunately, is often synonymous of the 4 is always the same users. The old DV filmmakers like to have a comparison with current HDV one wants to have presented is ok, but the scale here?

If the user on the really important questions (some common sense) limit, would the quality of Slashcam synonymous increase, because its members will not be a bunch of meaningful free articles torment them.


Antwort von Markus:

"Jan" wrote:
If the user on the really important issues (somehow appropriate) would restrict ...

That will probably not work because, as you wanted to educate new users? Most stumble on any search engine here in the forum and post directly to the section (sometimes found in the thread), about which they come into the forum. Every day I do dozens of postings from categories in which they clearly do not belong (eg question on Sony camcorder in Panasonic section).

"Jan" wrote:
... because the members will not be a bunch of meaningful free articles torment them.

The magic word: Ignore. I am no longer on any issue raised, even if I knew the answer. Finally, the stress here is not degenerate, but fun.

Users, where I have the feeling that they are just lazy and have an answer vorgekaute want to leave I left or directly referring expression with a few suggestions on the search.

Antwort von steveb:

it would be very helpful if the question set below the end call would follow ...

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