Infoseite // Codec for video tutorials?

Frage von DerMario:


I would ask ne times since, and namely:
yes you know this software tutorials
where a software in a video described

someone knows the best video codec you
to use it?

Gruß Mario


Antwort von Wiro:

Almost all the video tutorials are now published in Flash.
A very good tool for the production of such a tutorial is as Camtasia Studio. It excels in the Tech Smith Screen codec on the video there and then to distribution of Flash.
Greeting Wiro


Antwort von Quadruplex:

"DerMario" wrote: someone knows the best video codec you
to use it?

If you have something more detailed information on the source material, other conditions required Resolutionund do, you might get better responses synonymous. If the tutorial in 'nem browser or run as a self-start the application? If yes: On which operating systems?
Your question of what: What is the best car?


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