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Colorcorrection bei DV-Material

Color Correction for DV material

Frage von Electric_Man:
September 2006

Moin all together!
I've decided to post my problem here once, as I unfortunately could not find a date that I can help it. It's all about color correction and film look with DV material. I am now very busy one years with Color Correction and me some, I think, very good film look gebastelt filter. The problem s.der thing is: It looks really great, just the picture that rustles in 80% of cases. DV material seems to me therefore for such things to be unsuitable. Alone, the Farbsampling and the 25MBit can forget ... We actually need to increase saturation, and indeed only once you have experienced some nasty surprises. Can Now my question: we reduce the problem, if one uses a very low-noise DV-camera? Has (and the camera is currently the lowest noise performance?) Bring DVC Pro as longer due to the 4:2:2-sampling and the 50Mbit? Or do the same with HD-Pro 100Mbit? As siehts with Digibeta from? I had made as test shots with my camera for a film project and created from these images, the film look filter. When I then apply this filter on computer hardware, I almost fell over: That did not work at all ... It looked really out grottig ... zero contrasts more, everything is dark, noise, etc. .. If the s . s.PAL the DCT compression or color space? Would be strange, since I had laid me the pictures of the camera when you set the filter to nem Television as a preview ... And because everything looked (despite PAL output) from class?
I hope you can help me with these problems.

Greetings, Andreas!

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

You would just have to move only your last post again shortly after the above need, instead of opening another one. But it can happen any time.

If you think that worked the scenes begin to rustle, you seem to increase the depth of the lights too far. Which camcorder, the largest S / N ratio is, I can not tell you from the impromptu. In my experience, big chips the better values. But is synonymous no preference!

How do you help the Lighting for s.Drehort? If you) (via monitor (for camcorder matching) flat light of enchantment, so that you almost have to reduce the shadow areas rather than raise, you will get nice and crisp low-noise images.

Practice makes perfect:)

Antwort von PowerMac:

The solution lies in turning to film very flat. Gamma curve to flatten and tend to have low contrast. With good lighting which will look even better. DVCPRO50 brings a lot. Gain always keep to 0 db. DVCPROHD do you think, this brings only higher Resolutionund not necessarily a better Farbsampling to DVCPRO50.

Antwort von Electric_Man:

Gamma curve or not ... But how is it that so many digital cameras produce better pictures with its CCD chips as DV cams? (Apart from the Resolutionmal) These images can be made in the Color Correction a lot more ... And they look much better ... In the PAL standard, it can somehow do not lie, because the images on a PAL Vorschaumointor s.Brillianz not lose ... I suppose it must be the 25MBit limit and the used DCT compression, right? Why None mal ne video camera is built with such a good picture quality? That can now no longer be synonymous so hard ... I wonder that there is no DV-Cam, which takes up to 2.5 inch HDs ... The data rate is really good with things yes ... Firestore can seeing that not be the only solution ...


Antwort von beiti:

Which camcorder because you have been filmed? Is it a model, where you can manual set the gain to zero? (Otherwise, one can never be sure when the automatic gain goes on and takes its course the noise.)

Among the would-noise DV camcorders, the VX2100, where you can switch off the amplification. How to bend so far as the recorded material "may," I do not yet know.

When the camera delivers the maximum, the problem may indeed only in DV - Standard lie. You can do so once a test: Take a good digital camera Stillimage, scale it to PAL Resolutionrunter and make it a piece of uncompressed AVI. At this "film" You try on in your curves.
After you compress out the piece of film with the DV codec again, and try on your curves.
Then you already are, whether the data-compression has watered down the result.

On a digital photo in original size you can not demonstrate the process meaningful, because the higher fields Resolutionviele error.

Antwort von PowerMac:

No.. Just because you are not clever at DV got done ", DV is not basic shit. You can not compare with digital video cameras. PAL video has 50 fields / second, which needs to read the CCD chip. That is not so simple. One does not have the camera and can take your time and use geg slightly slower electronics, when the result of this is something beautiful. In addition Stillimage has larger chips. Such large chips, which can be read out quickly, are still synonymous with high quality-price Amatuerbereich not possible.

Incidentally, it is rather stupid to compare photos with videos. If you learn color correction, do it s.Videomaterial and not s.guten photos! Of course you can do system-where many more.

Antwort von Jörg:

danke schön power mac,
had after reading the initial contribution made a fernmündlichenTermin the Mentalspezialisten, topic: why M. Schumacher driving the car with my wife faster lap times than me ..... my grandson with the Bobbycar
no, no, I do not sowas I think, can not be nöö,
Appointment is canceled
Gruß Jörg

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